Age 17 – 5 months: more energy & focus, social anxiety evaporated

I am 17 and I started NoFap somewhere around November and today I relapsed for the first time. I didn’t really feel any shame afterwards and after it I just realized that porn is just flat out not that great. I guess after not fapping or watching porn for an extended period of time just made me realize that porn is such a waste of time. I guess my brain really has changed, and after my dilemma today it is safe to say that I will most likely never watch porn again.

My Experience:

Throughout the 5 months or so I didn’t watch any porn or jerk off at all (except for wet dreams and what not). For me it honestly was not that hard. After reading all the success stories and watching a TED talk (I forgot which one it was) it was obvious that this would better my lifestyle, and overall, it did just that. I felt great everyday, I had more energy, exercised more, was a lot more social, and was more focused throughout the day. It was almost as if all the social anxiety I once had did not exist anymore, it was amazing. I used to never really participate in school or other activities and after NoFap I felt more confident and would not even hesitate to contribute to whatever activity I was doing at the time. I honestly feel so lucky that I found NoFap at such a young age and if there are any other youngsters on here I would HIGHLY urge you to partake in the challenge.

My Advice:

-Replace anytime you would normally fap with a new hobby. For example I started producing music in my free time. Always occupy your time.

-DISCONNECT YOURSELF FROM THE INTERNET! I honestly cannot stress this enough, if you are wasting time on the internet you are so much more likely to find something that will trigger you to start fapping.

-Only go on /r/nofap if you are REALLY feeling the urge to fap. Oftentimes for me, reading about other peoples success would be enough for the urge to go away. I found that aimlessly browsing nofap would actually sometimes give me urges because of the constant talk of porn and what not.

-I actually found that not having a badge helped me more. When I had the day counter I felt almost as if I was only doing it to prove to the community that I could go more days and that I was not doing it to better myself.

-DO NOT EDGE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! You really aren’t helping yourself if you edge. You have to be 100% committed or you will not see results, I guaranty it.

All in all I would say that NoFap was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It really does improve your life. It may be hard at first but if you REALLY put your mind to it and REALLY commit to not edging, watching porn or wacking it you will be fine and not have that much trouble. If you do NoFap half-assed, you will not see results, it’s as simple as that.

LINK – Just relapsed after about 5 months NoFap (What I’ve learned/advice).

by mattay057