Age 17 – 90 day report: Definitely worth it! (though I’m not addicted)

COMMENTS – Even users who are not addicts often report benefits from experimenting with giving up masturbation to porn.

I’m currently 17 years old. I had not been fapping for as long as some people on this sub, but probably only since I was around 13 or 14. I still remember the first time I came. I already watched softporn videos apparently because I remember the exact scene.

Back to last february, 90 days ago: I had been fapping daily for as long as I can remember. Every evening, some mornings and some afternoons. Basically every time I felt like it. Then I stumbled on this subreddit. I had just fapped as I did every evening, and I can’t recall exactly what happened but I read a few posts on here and decided I should give it a try; it really seemed to be able to benefit me (Spoiler: I wasn’t wrong).

I’ve never really had a porn problem. Most of the times I fapped was without porn, and if I did watch porn it was usually softcore. My problem was that I was so used to fap that I did it even when I wasn’t horny, just because it was in my daily routine.

On day 2 I could already feel a huge difference. I suddenly had a ton of excessive energy that I felt like I had never had before. Instead of sitting at my computer I actually started doing sports. I had never really done sports out of free will before. If I did it it was because I had to (Note: this was already the case before I started fapping. I just never liked sports). Needless to say I was relieved when I heard that my PE class would stop in week 1 of 2013. So by february 26th (when I started NoFap) I had done sports just twice in all of 2013. That’s not really healthy and I knew that but I just didn’t like sports. Now you can probably imagine what a big change it would be for me to actually start sporting on my own initiative. But that’s what I did that day. After then the effect became less but it has never gone away entirely. I do daily exercises now, like push ups. I’d like to go to the gym but my local gym only offers yearly subscriptions and if I pass my finals (which I really hope is the case) I’ll be moving to a larger city in a couple of months so I wouldn’t be able to attend this gym anymore. I think I’ll subscribe to the gym in that larger city when I move there (can’t wait actually, I really like the boost using my muscles gives me).

The first two weeks were the hardest, but I would visit this sub daily and that has given me the motivation to keep going. There was a post that said “Don’t say to yourself: From now on I’ll try not to fap, but say to yourself: From now on I won’t fap”. So I didn’t fap. And I’m not planning on doing that anytime soon.

On superpowers: It’s not magic. It’s basically just returning to your natural state, where the body actually has to work to get laid. So that’s what it does. However, don’t expect it to come to you while you sit in your room browsing Reddit and not fapping. Go out there and do something with that energy and confidence! Personally I still haven’t got a girlfriend and I never had one. But I’m much more confident now and I can talk to girls as easily as I can talk to guys now, which is a huge difference compared to before Nofap. Some other things I noticed are that I care a lot more about my personal hygiene today. I want to be clean and look good and not look like I just rolled out of my bed. I also try to eat healthy and keep exercising.

There was some good advice on here a while ago that said you should go out of your comfort zone and become comfortable with the uncomfortable. That’s how you gain so-called superpowers. They aren’t superpowers. They come from inside you. You’ve always had them. Everybody has them. Not everybody uses them.

I have had some cases of blue balls now and then, which were annoying to say the least. But I just tried to ignore them. I don’t have to have my balls tell me what I should do. I should tell my balls what to do instead.

So, that’s basically my NoFap story I guess. It’s been hard at times, at other times I didn’t even think about it for days, but overall it’s definitely been worth it. See you at 180 days!

BY – lkytop