Age 17 – 90 days: increased confidence, mood and productivity

The past 90+ days have been by far the most productive in my life. The truth is I definitely have increased confidence and mood. I believe that the real reason for this is the ability to exert willpower. I feel that when I can be in control of myself the quality of my life increase dramatically.

Perhaps this increased focus and confidence has lead to the success in these past months including: asking my long time crush to prom hanging out with her and in general getting very close; starting keto and within 2 month I have lost 15 pounds and beginning to see visible abs; working hard in school getting a 2210 on my SAT as well as better grades.

Life is defiantly better and the will to change yourself ends up changing your world. Hopefully you all find your inner strength.

LINK – My 90 day report

by dewillman