Age 17 – Acne gone, female attention, better grades, lost 50lbs, stronger erections


A teenager reaching the 1 year mark… seems impossible. But I’m here! My brother told me about this subreddit about a year and a half ago. I got interested and researched, but relapsed in the first week. A couple months later, I decided to try it again. And I didn’t relapse.

So, you guys are probably wondering the effects it’s had on me… here they are:

  • -Acne went away
  • -Confidence boost
  • -More female friends
  • -Females show interest in me -Better concentration
  • -Better grades in school (Avg. is over 95!)
  • -Better athleticism
  • -Stronger determination
  • -Due to the athleticism, I lost over 50 pounds
  • -Social awkwardness disappeared
  • -Urges disappeared
  • -Stronger, longer lasting erections
  • -I can now talk to attractive females without any sexual thoughts or desires

I strongly commend the brave troopers who stand beside me in this journey. I don’t plan on fapping again anytime soon.

LINK – [17M] 1 year mark coming up next month.

By Throwaway_nofap99