Age 17 – Anxiety & depression gone, increased confidence, focus, motivation & energy

I thought I’d write this post in the hopes of inspiring more teenagers to get active and start this incredible journey seeing as there are fewer posts by teens in NoFap communities. But in general, I hope it helps anyone who needs validation/support/reasons to start or keep going with NoFap. So please read on 😀

I’m currently on Day 57 of NoFap/NoPorn and let me tell you, its an experience like no other.

Like most of you, I’ve suffered from depression, anxiety, low confidence, lousy interactions with girls/women etc.. tried everything to alleviate it, but nothing was as profoundly life changing as No PMO

It was one of the HARDEST things I’ve ever done, I’ve relapsed 100s of times.. I used to take it very seriously so whenever I inevitably failed, I felt like the biggest most pathetic loser on the planet. I would even cry like a bitch because this dirty habit did nothing but shut the real me inside a prison of weirdness while everyone I knew was having a great time.

After several mini streaks and starts/stops, (in which I noticed HUGE gains) I’m finally on the road to eternal No PMO.


  • Confidence level over 9000! Can make eye contact with anyone.
  • All my friends naturally respect me more now.
  • Massive workout gains never before experienced + Huge success at sports!
  • Voice is much deeper.
  • Increased focus, concentration, motivation etc.
  • No longer afraid to take risks/try new things.
  • Healthier view of females, can appreciate their beauty and see them like human beings rather than objects.
  • Anxiety and depression, non-existent.
  • BADASS around girls/women + More female contacts! During one of my mini streaks I got a phone no. from a latina girl, dated her and made out. (first time!) but it didn’t progress.. Met another girl on Day 45 of my current streak, and she went on to become my first gf 😉

Few words on relapses and how to prevent them –

  • If and when it happens, don’t beat yourself up like I did and DON’T BINGE. Move on and start over the next day.
  • Avoid triggers as much as possible. I found YouTube’s sidebar to be a big source of triggers, so I installed an app called ‘Stylebot’ that helps you hide it.
  • Analyse your relapses and see what caused it/lead up to it. Relapses often happen when you’re hungry,bored,tired,cranky,stressed,angry,horny etc.. Be conscious of this and try to change your mood. Eat something, call a friend, meditate, take a cold shower, dance, DO ANYTHING BUT PMO!
  • If you’re on this journey in the first place, you have a strong urge to change your life and be happy and content. If you easily say ‘hah who gives a shit, I’m horny.. lemme fap’ and then say ‘aww sheet I relapsed’ then you need to rethink your purpose on this mission. But if you’re like most people and feel like you’re being coerced by that voice in your head who gives brilliant reasons to go fap, then here’s what you do.
  • Watch the urge to relapse just wither away! The mean voice in our head is like a little child begging their mom to buy them chocolate in the supermarket. At first they are persistent but when the mom says NO! they pipe down.
  • This one troubles a lot of guys, esp me. If you come across pics of naked women, boobs etc by accident, don’t freak out! You haven’t relapsed! Even though they are pics, they’re 10000x more natural than porn and you’re more likely to encounter naked babes in real life than porn scenarios. Just close ’em and move on.
  • As for fantasising, most guys think its bad and it slows down the process (there’s no real proof of this) I disagree, cuz as long as your fantasies involve people you know and not porn scenes then its fine. Before I discovered porn, I would fantasise during my MO sessions and I didn’t have any major problems. Also guys I know who are pro at scoring girls and who don’t use porn, masturbate to fantasy and are completely fine. Most girls do it to fantasy too! Its PORN that is the REAL problem here! To quit all forms of sexual stimulation would render you perfectly celibate, if that’s what you want then go ahead. but if not, it could hurt your sex drive and actually delay your recovery, so a little harmless fantasy here and there won’t hurt anything as long as you don’t spend the whole day doing it!

Will NoFap turn you in to superman? Not necessarily, as you might have already heard, NoFap isn’t a magic pill. Sometimes, NoFap may not do shit for you. Doesn’t mean its pointless, it just means you may not have anything wrong with you caused by your sexual habits. So more power to you! Anyway, what no PMO actually does is give you the ENERGY, COURAGE, MOTIVATION & DETERMINATION to change your life and live it like a BADASS! It will unleash the REAL YOU from the prison of social anxiety and weirdness and you’ll LOVE YOURSELF and everyone else will too!

Conserve your sexual energy and use it to enrich your life in whichever way you please. Don’t worry too much about how things work out with the ladies. Once you start conserving your seed, nature will take its course and surround you with pussy 😉

If you have any questions, ask away 🙂

PEACE. \//

LINK – Age 17 – NoFap is the SHIT! Got a girlfriend, life is good!

by frank_n_beanz