Age 17 – Confidence, Energy, No more brain fog, Appreciate women


This is my first post here and as of today, I made 90 days (hard-mode) into this NoFap journey. And boy did I change. Some people may say that NoFap is only a placebo but there are real benefits (no superpowers however). Let me be clear with the benefits / superpowers. You don’t gain superpowers with NoFap, you become the better version of yourself. The one who was hid inside you because of PMO.

You deserve the benefits you got because you worked hard for them. I wanted to stop PMO almost a year ago but never had the courage or the motivation to do it. I’ve started to look online for people who had the same addiction as me. I’ve ended up on the NoFap’s Reddit.

After almost a week, I’ve decided to make it a New’s Year resolution and that’s how January 1st was my first fap-free day since a long time. I was in disgust from the person I saw in the mirror. I couldn’t continue to live this way.

I never was addict to porn but MO was a real issue. The first week was probably the hardest. However, after 1 week, I’ve started to break the PMO circle. I could see that I was making progress and it was easier.

Benefits I gained :

  • No more brain fog

I can think without sexual thoughts. I don’t feel down or depressed. My brain is free from PMO.

  • More energy

I feel way more active and healty. I can sleep less and still have as much energy as before. I’ve tried to workout a little and this is something I want to improve on.

  • Confidence

I’m way more confidence. When I’m around people, I stand up for my ideas. I want to be a leader; a alpha male. Confidence is up the roof sometimes. I always had fear of rejection, now I live my life fully and never fear my choices. I assume my actions. I don’t care about people who try to put me down. I made new friendships.

  • Treat women as humans (Appreciation)

I was shy and would put girls on a pedestrial. I would see them as object for sex-only. Now, I appreciate way more the personality of a girl. Looks don’t matter to me anymore.

It is worth it for sure. I’ll continue to stay fap-free as long as I can. There is no going back!

Hope you guys have a great Saturday. Remember to never give up! Let’s beat PMO together 🙂 I’ll reply to any question written down below.

I’m 17 years old. As I said above, I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror every day. I was the person I hated the most. When you hit the bottom of the self-esteem ladder, you realise how pathetic your life is and that’s when you want to do changes.

LINK – I’ve done it! [90 days report]

By Lifxium