Age 17 – Confidence, studying more

I don’t really expect many people to see this, but to the people that do, I wanna start by wishing you all good luck. I am 17 years old, I started nofap in December of 2014 so about 2.5 years ago. I’m gonna divide this post into periods in my life, so it’s easier.

  • 2.5 years ago (grade 10), I was watching porn frequently (3 times a day) and my life was crashing. My marks were suffering, girls didn’t like me (I had an ugly half beard and an afro). The biggest problem was that I didn’t realize that porn was causing this, until I saw nofap. Once I read the posts, I immediately thought nofap would end my loneliness and i would get a girlfriend. So I committed. My first streak was four days, but during Winter break it lasted 1-2 days. I kept ranging to 3 days until February 2015. I remember soo much pain, I was soo lonely and fragile – I was bullied a bit during this time period. Then I slowly built up my strength – I hit a week, then I hit 2 months and it carried me through till June. During this time period, I learned to use my room only for sleeping. I also deleted my facebook and avoided youtube to avoid triggers.
  • Part 2: I went to an overnight summer camp for a month. This really helped my confidence issues as I realized that people could love and accept me (outside of my parents). I entered the Grade 11 school year feeling confident. During September, I decided I wanted to go to a school called Northwestern. I would do nothing other than study – Wake up at 4:00 AM and just focus on work until 10:00 PM) Being in a very rigorous program called the I.B., I messed up on many of my tests and quizzes – and this led to a lot of self doubt. My worst two subjects were Econ and French. And Until May I continued my schedule – I had soo much motivation. I took my exams in May and I was burnt out – I didn’t want to study anymore. I did nofap for about 10 months in this time period (September to June). Because of nofap, I had so much motivation. I learned that a purpose makes nofap a lot easier.
  • Part 3: Grade 12. I did 6 months and then 3 months (broke nofap on summer vacation XD).
  • TL;DR: Nofap is best done with a purpose – choose a goal that you really want (something that you’d sacrifice everything for) and work towards it. Believe in yourself – anybody can go for 10 months. I love you all – goodbye nofap community and good luck.

LINK – If I can do it, you guys can as well: A success story that doesn’t really involve girls.

by roboss157