Age 17 – Couldn’t ask for a better life when only months ago it was the total opposite

At 16 I was always the kid who was not athletic, didn’t attend or even in general invited to any parties. I didn’t get girls and I would LET people act condescending towards me. I was strictly the kid who would let people push him. I was the kid who let LIFE push him down.

When my sister died in 2008 back in 7th grade it deeply affected me. Since then I’ve always have been looking for a way out. I started contemplating suicide. Literally depression become the basis of life for me. In school I couldn’t focus and I didn’t have the slightest bit of motivation to do anything in life. I began to fap at upwards of 4 times a day.

Last year though when i was browsing reddit I found no fap. I read something that stated it helped with depression and made people gain confidence about themselves and just be a positive person. So having nothing to lose…I attempted it and on my first time, I went 200 days without failing. That was a long road, full of twists and unexpected experiences. My goal wasn’t solely to meet women or gain those “superpowers”. My goal was a greater one. The goal of self control, the goal of believing in myself and getting the confidence I always needed to progress.

Throughout this time, my life made a 360. I turned from a negative person, to a positive person. I found out who I really am. I started thinking positive. I got my first girlfriend ever and raised my school gpa from a 2.5 to 3.7. I also bulked up from 125 pounds to a solid 175. Raising my bench up from 150 to 315 in 6 months.

It’s like self control caused my confidence and motivation in life to sky rocket. My thinking was “if I can resist my biggest urge, I can overcome anything in life.” All in all though, No fap, well at least in my book is a major stepping stone if you want to be the best you can be. The benefits are what you make it. If it’s placebo I don’t care. If you think it works, It WILL work. That goes with anything in life. If you think positive, positive things will happen. If you believe you can, you will.

At 17 now I literally couldn’t ask for a better life when only months ago it was the total opposite. I failed twice after those 200 days. But I’m ready to go on now forever. Thank you no fap for changing my life forever. <3

Oh and I’m now instagram famous with 13,000 followers! hahaha 🙂 thank you for the confidence 🙂

LINK – No fap literally changed my life. :’)

by Alphamale16