Age 17 – Deeper voice, sharper memory, more energy & confidence, clearer plans for future

First of all, let me introduce myself in a few following sentences. I am coming to this great community of people who support each other from the Czech Republic. This small republic lies in the middle of Europe and not everyone knows where to find it. 🙂 I am 17 years old Christian and this nofap challenge is probably going to be one of the most challenging ever.

  • I would like to share with you my story, the story about how I found out I had been addicted to PMO and when I decided to go for this life change. As I’ve already mentioned above, I am 17 years old young man who probably like many of you discovered masturbating by accident during taking a shower in the bathroom. I could be something between 11 – 12 when I got my first orgasm, which was pretty surprising for me and I realized that some new stage of life was incoming. I really enjoyed doing that thought I didn’t feel any better after it. To be honest, I felt like losing the power of life.
  • It didn’t last long and I managed to discover pornography on the Internet, which had been unknown for me until that time. Now I can’t believe why I used to watch that rubbish again and again and like many of you, I couldn’t wait to see something new, harder and more stimulating. You know that feeling when you had been waiting until your parents/brother/sister fell asleep and you could enjoy whole the night searching videos, pictures and stuff containing porn just to get 5 sec. of pleasure and to feel terrible thereafter.
  • I had been doing this for almost 5 years 2/3 times a week and now, when I am 17, I’ve finally found out the reason for my:-weakness,-depressions,-brain fog,

    -thoughts of committing a suicide (when I was 14),

    -low confidence,

    -looking at girls only like a sexual tool.

  • Well, I have never had any problems at school, always got the best marks and I also never experienced social problems. But if someone told me 6 months ago that I was addicted to PMO, I wouldn’t believe him. Now, although I didn’t have all the problems which are usual for a chronic masturbator (you know, everyone is different), I am pretty sure I used to be an addicted masturbator, which is a scary reality at least for me.
  • In the beginning of August this holiday I browsed Reddit/NOFAP and decided to give it a try. And the results were amazing to be honest! 🙂 I tried nofap since the beginning of August till the end and during this month my life power was indescribable. Unfortunately, then I relapsed because I was scared of acne suddenly appearing in one week. I have had mild problems with acne since my 12 but looking back, I can guarantee you the main reason is just masturbation. (That week I ate many of unhealthy meals which probably gave me acne then). Even without saying that, I think it’s quite logical-people often get acne as they discover masturbation.
  • September 2nd was my last day of masturbation and since then, I feel the same and even better benefits I used to notice during my last holiday challenge. These include:– much better and sharper memory,– a hell less acne-it has been almost cured completely,– much deeper voice,

    – beard is growing faster day by day (which I as a teen like very much, of course! 😀 ),

    – no way of being tired even after only a few hours sleep

    – easily being a conversation leader

    – higher confidence

    – much clearer plans for the future

    – plenty of free time

    – and many other benefits that really worth doing all this! 🙂

  • Nowadays, I am so much happy person that besides learning English (which is simple and I make many grammar mistakes which I am sorry for) I am about to learn German, Spanish and even Russian. I would never be that much motivated into something if I didn’t find this great website one day in the afternoon, feeling alone and tired of life. My good friend from the school is going throw nofap too and it has changed his life in many ways so far, too.Those who have any doubts whether this works or not, I say – go for that! No one can tell you until you try by yourself.Thank you for the support, dear members! 🙂

LINK – 1 amazing month and my life story!

by Czechfapstronaut