Age 17 – ED cured. I’m a new person

Today’s my big day; I reached 90 days for the first time. To all of you still working towards it; keep going, it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done!

The beginning I started the PMO cycle when I was fourteen, which is late by most people’s standards. It quickly progressed to PMO between three and five times a day, every day. It limited me socially, so I never really became comfortable around other people. I had zero self-esteem, zero motivation, and was quickly fapping myself to ED. By the time I got to high school, I was so strongly hooked that I couldn’t focus during school. All I could think about was the porn that got more and more disturbing and how long it would be until I went home and got to fap. I fapped in celebration, in boredom, in defeat, and for no reason at all.

The realization During the previous summer (2013) by some stroke of luck, I began dating my current SO. I was sixteen, still horribly addicted to PMO, and on the verge of full-blown PIED. My realization came of this when I realized I felt almost nothing. I had fallen for her immediately, but had no drive, no desires, and still no motivation. I couldn’t get it up except to disturbing porn. I realized that I needed to do something immediately, so I would lose her forever. I found /r/nofap, and began the challenge. Two days later, I started again. One day later; again. After a month, I finally reached a week-long streak. Then, a month. Then I suffered a month of barely being able to get past one day. Finally in January, I started the streak that takes me to now.

The end result Ninety days later, I’m a new person. At 17 and for the first time, I have friends who tolerate me, the very same girlfriend who I am head-over-heels in love with, and set myself on track to live long and happily. I gave up a shitty diet, began exercising, and dropped the extra 20 pounds I had been carrying around. For the first time in my life, I’m happy and healthy, and I owe to much of it to NoFap and you all.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.


LINK – Well, I made it. ~90 day report~

by Lone_Trombone