Age 17 – Enjoying my senior year of high school to the fullest

I first tried about 9 months ago. I too experienced relapses quite often. Most of the time, it seemed like I was on a fap streak rather than an NoFap streak.

I was upset that I didn’t feel the super powers that I would always read about on this sub, so I would relapse. So I guess my first piece of advice is: Never give up!

I had never made it past 7 days because I heard testosterone levels peaked after a week. When I didn’t feel it, I relapsed, which was followed by a dejection. These week-long streaks continued for months; never making it past 10.

After a few months, January came around. I was about to go on vacation with my family and I knew I wouldn’t have a chance to fap, so I decided that this would be the catalyst to begin my streak 😀

The urges were definitely strongest in the first 2 weeks, but don’t get me wrong, they come around today as well. So the second piece of advice would be: Be aware of urges, and don’t think you can overcome them… No “quick looks.”

As time went on, my reliance on the community of NoFap diminished. I tried to focus more on my studies and my extra curriculars. I still check in occasionally (for the next war sign up 😛 )

One day in school, I noticed that my confidence had improved! I used to walk the halls looking down at my feet, now I look at other people and smile, I talk to friends instead of listening to my music, silently.

I too have experienced an increased ability to talk to women. I feel like I am more charismatic and women enjoy talking to me. To me, laughing with friends is one of the best feelings in the world.

I would also like to thank my Navy Regiment and all of Periwinkle Army. The NoFap War was a great way to get me through the final weeks.

So here we are now. 92 days later and enjoying my senior year of high school to the fullest. It’s been a long road that’s still not over I’ve watched out sub reach its 100,000th Fapstronaut and it still continues. So I’d like to share some advice to everyone, new and old.

  • Keep your mind focused and alert. Do not succumb to your urges.
  • Your body will not make you fap. Your mind has the power to stop any urge. Use it!
  • The superpowers don’t come out after a few days.
  • Try your hardest to make it to at least 3 weeks. After that, it feels like smooth sailing.
  • Experience life everyday. Feel good. Send out good vibes.
  • The journey is not over. Next goal: Get that Rocket!

Take care fellow Fapstronauts, Shoot for the moon!

LINK – 90 Day Report- A New Adventure Begins!

by JRLxdp