Age 17 – I am living life at a much higher level, where most of the men are supposed to be


I even forgot I was doing this challenge, because my urge to fap completely disappeared. I was into social development before I started nofap, so my confidence went through the roof! Nofap gives you this natural confidence, this natural behavior that attracts women. I literally became a chick magnet; so many girls get attracted to my natural maturity.

My interest in reading became bigger; I recently started reading an interesting informative book (non-fiction). I became more mature, because of that I love to be around older people as well as teenagers. My urge to learn more about the world has grown (it wasn’t there at first). My journey was an emotional rollercoaster:

Day 1-25: A LOT OF URGES, much more energy, happier in general. More extraverted behavior, more motivated in general.

Day 25-45: This was the so-called flatline. My dick was literally dead, no single urge appeared. I felt empty inside, had no motivation. My urge to go talk to people disappeared. I didn’t have any social anxiety at all, but I didn’t see the point in talking to people. This was a very boring period, actually kind of depressing and empty. The flatline is a phase where your brain is ‘rewiring’ itself. Because of that, you will look at women differently (the way all men are supposed to look at women). If you find yourself in the flatline: KEEP GOING! There is light at the end of the tunnel. Go watch a motivational YouTube video or something.

Day 45-90: I started to be happy again, at a whole different level. When I look at a ‘hot’ woman, I can see right through her body and makeup. The beauty in every woman becomes visible. A woman’s look is still very important tho, but her personality becomes a much bigger factor in attraction. I am living life at a much higher level, where most of the men are supposed to be.

My life and my goals became much clearer. I know what i want in life, i dominate life. I strongly recommend you to try nofap if you haven’t already. The results are very rewarding.

Peace out

LINK – Reached 90 days! An honest analysis (17 year old teen)

by seppyteppie


UPDATE – 6 months journey (17 year old teen)

Two weeks ago I had officially reached the 6 months milestone. I already made a post about an analysis of my first 90 days. I am here to inform you about my experiences. First of all, there was more emotional stability the last 3 months. I only went through a second flatline, thats all. In my previous post, i mentioned that the flatline only appears once. I WAS WRONG. The 4th month was a long flatline, but very weak. I learned that there are multiple flatlines, but they get weaker by time.

How do i feel right now? I became very mature over the past few months. I read lots of informative books and have sold my gaming PC. My interest in ‘approaching girls’ is gone. I have my own life and realised that approaching girls is a loss of time. This does NOT mean i’m asexual or socially anxious! I still fantasise or get a boner every now and then. My own business is far more important. The majority of girls i meet become attracted to me instantly because of my natural maturity. I am a violinist with my own business. I will try to enter the conservatory this summer and hope i’ll pass. I am spending more time with my parents, they deserve a tremendous amount of respect. I finished secondary school two weeks ago, nofap helped me A LOT! If i would end my streak now, i would probably feel the same. I want to see how i will end up in 6 months.

in summary: My emotions are very stable. I became very mature. Girls are not the center of my life anymore. Little to no social anxiety More discipline tendency to help others (I am happy with myself, and want others to feel like that too)

I strongly recommend you to try nofap if you haven’t already. The effects are outstandingly rewarding!