Age 17 – I have become a different person. I feel more like a man

I first discovered masturbation at a relatively early age, when I was 9 years old (I am now 17).

I remember always feeling severe guilt about onanism, even though, at the time, I had no reason to. I was always on the lookout for a beacon of sorts, a reason to give up masturbation for good, but found it quite difficult, which is understandable, considering the fact that our modern, western society considers masturbation to be something normal, or even essential. So after a short period of abstinence at age 14, I just decided to give up and go with the flow. That is, until I found NoFap.

I stumbled across NoFap when I was already on the upward curve, which probably made quitting PMO much easier for me than for most people. I, for reasons I sincerely cannot remember, had decided to masturbate only once per week, on Saturdays. I now see that this interval between PMO sessions was because testosterone levels are highest one week after ejaculation. So, in other words, I would jerk off when I hit that peak. I was just about to masturbate when I typed “reasons not to masturbate” into Google, which lead me to the famous TEDx talk and, eventually, to this forum. I, having finally found a reason (or a number of them) quit masturbation “cold turkey” and, I must say, it has been quite the life-changer.

The benefits I have noticed are numerous, and I really feel like I have become a Different person. I feel more like a man, I feel strong and ready to deal with my day-to-day problems. I have experienced a sudden burst in the growth of my facial hair, and I find it easier to sing lowers notes (I’m in a band). I notice girls and women looking at me much more often. I have a different attitude towards women, which is hard to describe, but I can say I pay much more attention to a girls character than I used to, I’m not just out to get laid. I get more potent erections and I get them more often. I find more things arousing in general, I’m more sensitive to my surroundings. I feel more “human” more “natural”, I feel like I have returned my body to the state and cycle it was meant to exist in. I wish the same for you.

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By goldmund

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