Age 17 – I have experienced many mental and physical benefits

My story

I started watching porn when I was thirteen years old. At that time, I had many friends, was good looking , had clear skin, nice hair, I was super confident, I was that funny guy in class. After a year of porn and masturbation, i felt like i had lost everything. I was ugly, socially awkward, silent in class, depression , anxiety and had bad grades. Now I’m almost 18 years old, I’m ready to make a change in my life,

I’m almost at 90 days and I thank God for my progress because my urge is easy to kill now. I would also like to thank everyone in the reedit nofap community, i couldn’t have done it without you guys.

by fapisthepast


UPDATE – I need help!

Ok so I’m Still not satisfied with the way I look and feel. After 100 days of NoFap , I have experienced many mental and physical benefits. Brain fog is gone, I can think strait and make better decisions. I still need work on my socializing skills and overall confidence. My skin is almost clear of acne , and my hairline is growing back.

But, a lot of times i feel weak, out of energy, and like shit lol, so i need some advice. I do have a really, really bad diet . That mostly consists of fast food and processed sugar cakes and chocolate milk and a lot of soda. I hardly drink any water, and i only eat 1nce or twice a day so i don’t consume alot of calories. I’m 6`2 and weight 150 lbs . How do i gain weight and feel better about myself? ?

Thanks for reading


UPDATE 2 – My urges are 99.9% gone, thank you Nofap

First off, thank you to everyone on Nofap who has posted anything about their experiences, without y’all help and god of course, i don’t think i would have ever beat this addiction. Now when i see naked pics or any nudity on tv or Facebook, my brain isn’t triggered anymore. I feel amazing, i get boners when i get looks from girls on the street, i just get that ” high” just by interacting with girls. Its awesome. No Fap works, you just have to stick with it, your body and your mind is repairing itself, that why you go through flatlines and stuff like that, as i went through these 4 months on hard mode, my flatlines occur less often, and aren’t as bad as they used to be, i feel myself returning to the happy 13 year old boy i used to be, when i do, i will be free because i will know, that the road of PMO will lead me to nothing but bad things. I thank God and YOU, yes You,for reading my post, and thank you Nofap and Reddit.