Age 17 – I’m the same person, but my social anxiety and my depression are gone.

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So today I hit 90 days (I remember it so well, last time I fapped was December 12th 2016). Here is my report. Yes, I am more confident. I now have 3 close female friends. Yes I can hold eye contact with someone. Yes I notice how girls watch me.

To be honest the first 20 days were the hardest but now I don’t even have the need to look at NSFW pics on instagram. I just don’t find the point. I have become a vegan, my skin is so damn clear I started doing oil pull and my teeth are looking amazing and I am getting my braces removed on Tuesday (I’m 17).

But here comes the different part, I am still the same dude I was before. I prefer eating, reading, talking, studying, playing and lifting weights alone. I don’t like to be around people 80% of the time. I have no problem in socializing with someone but I just prefer to be alone when I can.

I have a very limited number of friends (mostly female). Yes I go out on the weekends (don’t drink tho), yes I am in a relationship with a girl (no one knows that I was addicted to PMO). But the point I want to reach is that at least for me NoFap did not give me super powers – it just made me a better version of myself.

But I am still the same dude I used to be. I respect women, I respect myself, I help people in trouble, I try to be better every day, but I am still the same dude as I’ve always been: I don’t express my emotions with strangers, I usually never smile – but my social anxiety and my depression are gone. I still don’t love myself 100%, but NoFap gave me a huge burst of self confidence. In my opinion NoFap is just a tool but you have to use it to your advantage.

If you have any questions about anything I will be happy to answer them. Thanks for reading

LINK – 90 days (different report)

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