Age 17 – Increased confidence, energy, optimism & happiness. Far less social anxiety. Get more things done. More girl attraction


Here’s a disclaimer: I am a 17 y/o Narcissist. I’ve always had this problem with keeping a steady self-image. Nofap helped me and here’s how. I started in august ’17. This was the most depressing time for me ever. I moved to a new state and I didn’t understand the culture or anything of the people here. I had horrible anxiety and depression at the time.

Although I always knew I was extremely good looking on the outside, I never thought I was good enough on the inside. I’m always in the mirror to remind myself how good looking I am (this isn’t the narcissism talking). I wanted to fix these problems badly.

I was probably beating my meat about 3 times a day. I never thought it was a problem because I and my old friend were pretty open about the topic. I came along this topic on self help videos on YouTube.

On day 1-7 it was extremely hard. I did get high boost in confidence and energy though. But I was sooooooo horny alllll the time. i relapsed on day 7. Im now on my second streak on day 54 and here’s all the benefits I’ve come across

  • Increased Confidence
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Optimism
  • Increased Happiness
  • Far less Social Anxiety
  • Get more things done
  • More Girl Attraction- The reason this is because girls sense your confidence and good vibes. Also since your head is up more you make more eye contact.

I recently got out of the flatline. Depression and anxiety came hard in the Flatline while all the other benefits were still there.

But now I have extreme attraction towards girls. Since quitting PMO, I’ve quit weed and am now trying to break an internet addiction.

LINK – Superpowers Real?!?

by Robert0067