Age 17 – It feels like the fog from my path has been lifted

First off, ignore my counter its way off i last pmo’d sept 9 (107 days ago). So how am i feeling? Short answer, a whole lot fucking better. 107 days ago i didnt really have any goals, and now it feels like the fog from my path has been lifted.

I workout/excersize 4x a week and i give full credit to nofap. As that fog slowly creeps out, your mind becomes clearer and you realize what you have to do to achieve whatever you want to achieve. I definitely feel more confident, but more confident because of my consistency. Nofap simply gives you self asteem, and with that self asteem you can achieve greatness. The longer you hold off from sexual desire (porn, sex scenes in movies, fantasizing, etc.) the more self esteem you build in yourself.

90 days till you’re rebooted? Thats f*cking bullshit. If i had to say a number i’d say a year at least depending on you’re situation, but the transition to this new life style happens in the first 90-100 days. First like 70 days my advice is to do everything you possibly can to avoid wet dreams cus i always feeling like relapsing the next day. After that just ride the wave it should be a walk in the park, just watch your fucking guard cus bad times are made in the good times.

God Bless and Happy New Years!

Thread: Day 107

BY – youngmoney