Age 17 – More outgoing (esp with girls), Grades improved tremendously, Better self awareness

50 days and not stopping. I started nofap a while ago relapsed around 30 times with 5 day streaks to max of 22 days, my highest before this one. Shit has changed.

Mainly my outlook on life I feel that PMO numbed me from life and kind of was my comfort blanket in the end of the day I would go through my lousy day and come home to squeeze some sort of pleasure from PMO. I have a lot of shit I need to work on and Im glad nofap has made me realize this and with nofap i actually want to do something about it other than saying fuck it ill just wack off.

Shit that’s changed

  • Lost 20lbs (working on 20 more)
  • Very more social and outgoing (esp with girls)
  • Less of giving a overall fuck about stuff I was scared to do beforehand
  • The mild acne I had disappeared
  • Not wanting to play video games anymore ill play for 20 mins before Im bored out of mind.
  • Lots of self improvement videos and books and guides
  • Grades have improved tremendously
  • Reading books?
  • Better overall self awareness which is exactly what i wanted from nofap.

If you’re still struggling with nofap here are all the tips I use

  • Install Porn blockers and delete all/any porn material.
  • Make your reddit bookmark page default to nofap so every time you visit reddit (50 times a day) you force yourself to look at nofap
  • Make note of what mistakes you made to lead to your relapse and make note to never do them again and be aware of them when they do come back around.
  • Might sound cheesy But, I printed a nofap emblem picture out and pasted it on the back of my door so every morning or every time I leave my room I see it.
  • Do some sort of exercise I do little workout videos on youtube or go for a walk.
  • Open the blinds or window in your room to view outside in the real world and not be distracted by your pixels on your screen that launch you into dream land.
  • I deleted all my social media

Hopefully these tips can help some of you and thanks nofap for turning my life around and getting me back on track. I will be a fapstronaut for the rest of my life.

LINK – 50 day report. Shit has changed

by Applesinabin