Age 17 – More social, deeper voice, brain fog gone, becoming fearless

Helpful sites/special thanks

  • Special thanks to all the Fapstronauts, even the ones with only 1 day so far. You guys are all really cool. Thanks to everybody for sharing their feelings on this subreddit, and being able to build up the strength to embark on this journey. Thanks to all the guys who shared their 90+ day reports. If it wasn’t for you guys, I would not know that 90 days of nofap was possible.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP: * Whenever you get the urge, take a look at your health. Have you been exercising? Do you need to exercise today? Maybe you need a quick meditation? Perhaps, you haven’t had a drink of water for too long. Or maybe you’ve been thinking too negatively. Perhaps, your breath just stinks.

  • I have noticed that 99% of urges to relapse happen simultaneously with me forgetting to do something for my health.
  • Excerpt from : “Sicknesses, diseases, and addictions have a physical foundation created by our lifestyle habits. It’s like bacteria that can only grow in certain conditions. Masturbation and low willpower exist when we create the environment for them to exist and grow. When we disrespect and ignore the laws of health that govern our mind and bodies we create conditions for the bacteria to grow so to speak. Now you can see more clearly the importance of keeping your body clean and healthy through eating vegan, urinating clear, and getting enough sleep. So in summary remember that masturbation, pornography, and other habits are physical and they have physical causes and physical solutions. For lasting self control it is important to address emotional, mental, and spiritual factors but if you neglect the physical you are guaranteed to fail. ” (I purposely crossed out the vegan part because I don’t agree with it. However, I am sure that some of you will.)

About me

  • I am a 17 year old male. Shout out to all the youngling fapstronauts!
  • This is for the guys who keep relapsing. I began my nofap challenge in June. I had multiple small streaks. My previous record was 44 days. Most other streaks were 1-10 days. I believe there was a 30 and 20something in there too. You guys need to toughen up. And don’t go say I’m being hard on you, or that nofap is hard. I know nofap is hard. I struggled just like You. You guys still have to toughen up. We, as Fapstronauts need to follow through on things in life. This is your chance to have some credibility behind your actions and your words. Mean what you say, and do what you say. You will feel a high that you’ve never felt before. So ignite your inner spartan. The key is to believe in yourself (BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL MAKE IT TO 90 DAYS or whatever your goal is), and keep your eye on the ball. Become a man, like jimmy from pulp fiction Hehehe
  • I probably acquired so many of the benefits below because I have been an on and off fapstronaut since June. All the benefits probably built up over the past 9 months.


  • More social- I always had good friends, but now, I’m not afraid to introduce myself to new people. One thing you could try at a social gathering is to say “Hi, I’m (your name here). What’s yours?” Then you’ll say “Okay, (their name here), whatdoyoulike?” Then just ask them questions about what they said, and make connections to other things in life.
  • Voice is deeper-
  • Brain fog almost 100% gone. I am positive that this is due to nofap. I recorded my feelings after every fap. The brain fog would either start right after the fap, or it would begin within a few days later. Losing brain fog made my brain clearer. I could think clearly and act with more sense. Moreover, the loss of brain fog has helped me notice some of the BS going on around me. I’m starting to notice how fake some people are, I’m noticing how karma is affecting people, and how the partiers at my school are beginning to become the “losers”, if you will (dont mean to be pretentious, these are just my observations).
  • Working out feels 100 times better. The YBOP video talked about how PMO is an arousal addiction. It will cause your brain to generate less happy chemicals (dopamine, I believe) for almost everything that would make you happy in life. I used to not believe that I could get muscular because I was just too naturally skinny. That is a myth made up by lazy people. All you have to do is do the right stuff: workout and eat healthy. A lot of people are telling me that they can tell Ive been working out.
  • Becoming fearless- I am more willing to face my fears now. I’ve approached more girls during this nofap challenge than I have in my entire life before the 90 day streak
  • Hard work– I have always worked really hard to get good grades. Sexual transmutation gives me the energy I need to stay up late whenever necessary, or to go that extra mile in any endeavor in life. Doing nofap has made me a much harder worker.
  • Optimism- My positive energies are through the roof. Im smiling almost all the time. Going optimist is in my top 5 decisions of all time. Right up there with becoming a Fapstronaut. I’m not talking about optimism where you tell yourself things like “Well, it could be worse.” Or “Kids in Africa have it way worst than me.” It is more like I believe in my abilities to do things. I believed that I could reach the 90 days. I don’t complain, not even jokingly. I find Complaining to be a waste of your time and energy. It should be eliminated from your mind just like fear.
  • Untouchable- A lot of Fapstronauts have been saying that nofap is bringing out their emotions. Some people say they are crying a lot more. Idk about me, man. I’m being 100% honest with you, I’m not a cryer. I was raised in a tough household. However, I was once the type of guy that could be easily embarrassed or would get sad when messed with. Now, I just really don’t care. I walk tall and stand tall, with a smile in my face becsuse im happy!! I am now willing to do things that guys who claim to have the most balls wouldn’t even dream of doing. Why do I do this? Because this honey badger doesn’t care.
  • Math is BEAUTIFUL- This probably traces back to the fact that the arousal addiction of PMO makes life more dull. I now get a little high when doing math homework. Lol The reason why math is awesome
  • Taking cold showers much more often Two cool articles about cold showers :
  • I have stopped playing video games and I’ve cut television time by 95%- Remember that the titles of this section is changes/benefits… Cutting video game and television time is more so an externality. I’m more focused on following my dreams, getting good grades, exercise, and going out with friends, reading, etc. than I am on watching TV and playing Xbox. If I could manage my time better so that I’d have an extra hour or two for video games, there is a chance I’d play some video games.
  • I am noticing much more girls I’m beginning to see how many more beautiful girls there are in the world. Moreover, I am noticing how the girls I once thought were sexy, sex goddesses may not be the the best type of woman for me. I’m no longer chasing the prettiest girls in school; I want someone that can make me smile. Seriously, some of the girls I once paid zero attention to are now starting to look the best to me.

That’s all I can think of right now, I delayed my workout to type this post, and I’m getting really anxious to do those pushups!

Feel free to ask me any questions.

LINK – 90 days of hard mode. My report. (includes benefits, tips, and helpful links)!

by AmericanOcelot