Age 17 – More time, Straight A’s, Talk to people confidently


WOW I made it, I was lucky enough to do it my first time and at 17 (turned 1 month ago) I believe this decision it vital to live a fulfilled life. More time. Clear mind (I can actually think) Straight A’s in school because I have motivation to study. I can talk to people confidently without acting “weird” (I obviously had a reason to act ashamed before and it really showed )

Before I was always so self conscious and depressed all the time, waiting for an opportune time to get my dopamine fix, living day to day depending on it. But! I can say one thing, it certainly was an amazing decision to quit this and live a nice life (heaps more time too as I wasn’t lying mindless on my bed all day)

I really found that certain things helped: •Work out! It releases the testosterone before you decide to do it any “other” way.

•I don’t know how much they helped in this case but cold showers (60 days to this day) made me go from droop to power rush in seconds and lasted longer than just seconds.

• MOST IMPORTANT:BUSY BUSY BUSY! Stay busy! Get a dog to walk or go to gym, take up a hobby or study interesting shit ( more productive) this is by far the biggest thing! ( I took up philosophy and psychology and am now planning to become a psychologist!) ( ALSO try comfort zone crusher challenges!)

I have always been good at breaking habits as I love challenges!( once went without deep fried food for a whole year!) the only problem is that I always fall into a new one – getting ripped but that’s healthy(er) so I feel I’m making progress!

Good luck to you all! Thanks


LINK – 90 days !!!

By nickdaawesomeone