Age 17 – Much more positivity, focus & confidence, I’m almost a social butterfly

I’ve been fapping since I was 11, I’m 17 now. I have been trying to quit since I was 15, and have had multiple streaks through that time. Part 1 – It was fun when I first started, but I really did notice some of the negative effects of fapping when I first started.

I was in 6th grade at the time, so I don’t think /r/nofap even existed. Anyways, I began to become more and more isolated. I was getting bad grades, wasn’t meeting girls, was depressed, was angry, lazy,stupid, and many other things. I was masturbating 3-5 times a week. The story was almost exactly like this until I became a freshman in high school.

Part 2 – This is when I began to consider quitting masturbating. I was a freshman in high school. I still was getting bad grades, but I improved my social skills through hard work. I made a few friends. I was now masturbating 5-7 times a week. I believe that fapping made me think that everything was okay (like a drug) when I had problems to solve. When I was a sophomore I got my first girlfriend. Because I had a pretty good idea of how to get into girls’ pants at that time, I was able to lose my virginity to her within a month of dating (I was 15). I could last like 20-45 minutes without trying that hard. About 3 weeks into dating, I decided to get more serious about quitting fapping, so I started having multiple 1-3 day streaks. I HAD the BEST sex of my life during one of those streaks. I started to notice that nofap=better sex, better relationship with gf, and more free time. I dumped my gf because I didn’t want her to have to deal with me when I was fighting my own demons. To make the story short, we’ll just say that I fell into fapping 6-8 times a week until I was 17.

Part 3 – I found /r/nofap during summer break before my senior year (last year of high school), had multiple small streaks, and noticed improvements in my life. I didn’t reap all the benefits because I wasn’t meeting new people. Skip to the end of summer break (early August).

At this moment, I have never had so much positivity in my life. I can stay up for hours, I want to work out all the time, I’m having significantly less trouble meeting girls, I’m almost a social butterfly. I just love talking to people now. Today I cold approached (approached a random girl that I was interested in), which is something I used to do once every year. Now I wanna meet girls all the time. I know what to say to them now, and I feel so comfortable around them. I’m also closer to my guy friends, acquaintances, and family. My brain fog had cleared and I have been feeling a surge of happiness for almost an entire week.

I believe that nofap was a catalyst for motivation to improve myself. It has a multiplier effect on your self improvement initiatives if you ask me.

Here are my best tips to improve your life: 1. read self improvement books: Superself, Think and Grow Rich, How to win friends and influence people. The last book is AMAZING for becoming a better socializer/speaker.

LINK – My personal proof that fapping is not worth it. (Great story, I promise)

by AmericanOcelot