Age 17 – Much sharper mind, coping with stress better, speaking up more easily


So I’ve seen plenty other posts, in which people will try to tell you numerous things, what you should do, in order to acquire the HOLY 90 days streak, the REBOOT, the solution of all your problems. But I tell you: The number of days matters less than some may think.

Let’s say you’ve been doing nofap for a year, but instead of watching porn you lay in bed and watch videos all day. What did you gain? Absolutely nothing. The biggest goal of nofap is not the count number of your streak, but what you do with it. Fucking do something. Otherwise, why take this journey in the first place?

This is my only message: Have some shit do to each day. I’ve adjusted this to my live and trust me: If you use this intent, you will live better.

I’m 17 yo. What symptoms [caused me to try nofap]? There are a few: Lack of motivation in basically every aspect of life, tiredness, procrastinating things, not finding girls as attractive due to use of porn. I also saw many online reports about the benefits – which I experienced as well (but actually they were the most significant during the days 10-20.)

What has been emphasized the most is the view for the whole; you think bigger. I used to have the most thoughts about the today or the next few hours, but now it has a way bigger spectrum. (That might sound a bit confusing but that’s how it is)

Other benefits: Sharper mind, Easier to remember vocabulary words, better dealing with stress situations, I remember more dreams, and I say what comes to my mind without really caring too much what other people might think about it.

LINK – What really matters (90 days PMO-free)

by Cyrill1999