Age 17 – My confidence was really low: Now I can talk to anybody, any time

It’s been 89 days! Back in September things were okay. My grades were good and everything was going fine, but I had a serious problem. My confidence was really low and this affected me really badly.

At school i only interacted with my close friends. I wouldn’t even approach girls.

But one night when one of my bros sent me a link to a post in /r/NoFap. I read it and felt very interested in what the post said about the confidence boost you get and all the other pros! So i decided to try it for one week at first and if i didn’t like it i would stop! And here i am now!

Now i feel like i can talk to anybody at any time. I start conversations with girls and with people i don’t know. With the spare time i have had i have been applying to universities and writing a lot of essays. Also i have been getting back to playing my guitar. It feels great and regret not joining sooner! Tomorrow will be my 90th day and i feel i wont be stopping anytime soon!

Tips: If you get urges, just get out of the house. I usually take this opportunity an go for a run! It distracts me while also getting a workout. I feel that its the perfect urge killer!

LINK – 89th day Report!

by Asturias182