Age 17 – No more brain fog, almost zero depression, became an extrovert

90 days no MO and 110 no P. Who I am?  I’m a 17 old teenager who studies bio chemistry at the best college of my country to be a successful doctor one day , because I really love helping others and this makes me extremely happy.

When you started PMO-ing and how? Well, porn films I’ve discovered when I was 13, but I’ve watched only 2 or 3 films and after that I blocked them because they made me incredible shameful. But, on march 2012, I’ve discovered fapping when my colleagues were talking about this. What did I say then? Let’s give a shot. First time was very pleasurable and distressed me , second(after 6 hours) same, third (evening) painful and I made an obsession for this because I was feeling very good. An average of 1 per day with porn.

What did you determine to think about avoiding PMO?

Maybe because I was feeling worse day by day without a reason after 6 months of PMO. Some symptoms were: laziness, lethargy, no energy, tremors, severe anxiety bad memory, no vitality, low voice.

When and where did you found about Nofap? In 19th of April this year when I searched about abstinence on the Internet and on 17th of May I’ve decided to make an account on reedit for this great subreddit against fapping.

Were you been successful from the first attempt and what was your motivation to succeed? No, of course not. My first steak has 3 days and I relapsed in the evening PMO-ing because I was extremely horny. The next day all my bad life came back. My second steak had 7 days, but I’ve relapsed at 4 AM in the night because I couldn’t sleep because horniness and energy. My third steak finished at the same time in the night and had also 7 days.I was really upset that I can’t pass 7 days. Why did I succeeded in the fourth attempt? Because of my big ambition to change myself and become a better version of me. I simply pass the fact that I can’t sleep and I focused that energy on studying for my finals. Motivation? I always dreamt to stay among the majority of teens, to be different, to be superior than others.

What are the benefits of nofap for you?

  • Energy and motivation to do all I plan
  • Very sharp memory –> good grades at school(the best grades I’ve ever had in high school)
  • Less sleep(5-6 hours),but more productivity
  • Impressive gains in gym even after 3 weeks..My personal trainer was amazed by me
  • Deeper voice
  • Less anxious and depressive
  • Vitality and stamina through the roof
  • Tiredness? What’s that?
  • More facial hair and body hair
  • Healthy skin and no acne
  • Shining green eyes which make extreme eye contact with everyone
  • Feeling invincible
  • Girls started smiling at me on the street
  • Mature face expression
  • Smelling good ,more manliness

Have you hit a flatline ? Did you have withdrawal symptoms? Yeah, between days 58-87 and it was very violent and hard to not relapse. Withdrawal symptoms between this days: violent panic attacks, severe anxiety and depression, can’t sleep, low voice, very antisocial and frightened. I took Xanax which helped me a lot and I see a therapist once a week. Now, it’s ok. I’m happier than ever, sociable, have deeper voice, optimistic, shining aura.

Practical Tips which you followed?

  1. Going to gym .It releases a lot of tension and give me a boost in confidence
  2. Ice showers
  3. No more video games
  4. Reading
  5. Studying for my admissions to a medicine faculty
  6. Walking
  7. Being positive and confident

It’s worth the stress and the pain finally? Two quotes “No pain ,no gain ” “If you’re going through hell, keep going..” Of course, it worth it.

You tried this only for 90 days or more? I intend to quit forever, because my life is very brilliant now and nofap has become a second nature for me. 90 days->>forever

LINK – 90 Day Report.Lovely life being lovely

by Alexander978


UPDATE – 222 days in.(17 years).Fuckin’ good life.

Hey everybody!

Who determined me to start fapping and how was that period of fapping?

I’ve started fapping on 15 March 2012 without PMO and it was very pleasurable and gave me a lot of energy. But I didn’t know at that time how dangerous for me is. Initially, it was just a curiosity, but very easy turned into a dependence, because of my stupid colleagues of gymnasium. (I was in the 8th grade at final). In the first two months it didn’t affect too much,even if I was more tired like always. I’ve continued to be the best of my past school and I took my exams with maximum grades. After exams I started fapping with porn which almost destroyed me physically and pshicallý. I became an introverted person who spent over 2 hours per day doing this, I’ve lost my motivation to learn and obtain good grades,I developed a very dangerous depression associated with tremors,I hadn’t got any friends, all person hated me. In just a year, I’ve lost all of my friends,my happiness, my results were real bad at school and I became a depressive lonely person.I’ve put over 10 kilos in just few months and in July 2013 I had 81 kg at a height 1,85 m I was fat I hated myself very much and I’ve wanted so much a change in my life. In effect, I lost 20 kg in just 2 months and developed a real severe depression, severe tremors, anemia, violent brain fog and a permanently feeling of guiltiness. It was a nightmare, which lasted until 20 April 2014.

How I discovered NoFap and changed my life?

Well ,it was just a pure coincidence that on 19th of April I discovered Reddit/Nofap and I read about two hours a lot of successful stories with life changes and I said in my mind that it worth trying. On 20 April, I’ve gave up P and stated no MO. I had two failed tries of 4 days, 7,7 days, bjt the fourth which started on 12 May was the lucky one. After a week, I had a lot of energy, lower brain fog, insomnia because tons of energy, optimism and more confidence. As a result, I’ve regained my motivation to learn and I had very good result, my teachers were really amazed. But,this was only a pause of a nightmare.

Another nightmare started on 10 th July at second visit to gym when I suffered a strong panic attack. After another two days, I had about 25 panic attacks in just 24 h that I wasn’t capable to eat, I was scared to go to the bathroom alone, I had a calcium breakdown and I went to a psychiatrist which gave me Xanax and Asentra. After two days, I was a new person, less scared, happy, relatively talkative but the instability was during until 88 th day. After that my life has changed.

I had zero brain fog, I’ve had no problem with my erection (morning woods), almost zero depression, gained over 9kg of muscular mass in just 6 months. I’ve become an extrovert, semi popular person, I had more confidence. My skin looks brilliant and shinny, my hair became more thicker and beautiful, my green eyes starting radiating of happiness, my acne disappeared. I feel also that I have an aura on me. Lots of girls are chatting with me on whatsapp, liking my photos on instagram and lot accepted to have a selfie with me. Also, my voice is deeper than ever. I had good grades, friends and I had a lot of confidence. I’m invincible.

If you want to improve yourself start today,in this second not tomorrow or next week. Keep it up and Merry Christmas.

by Alexander978