Age 17 – No more panic attacks, More energy & confidence, No more brain fog, Better sleep

This is my longest streak so far and I feel very good and happy about my self! I will in this post break it into catagories where I will decribe the stages that I have gone through.


I started this addict as many others at a very young age. I am currently 17 and started fapping to P, when I was 13 years old. I t all started in school, some of my friends was playing soccer at the school yard and I scored a goal, I remember a girl at my very age commenting something very sexual to me where I imeidetly just got blown away. Later that day I started fapping and soon before I knew it I was hooked. I was trapped. Felt like utter shit, and worst of all I did not know why I felt so bad about myself.

When I turned 16 I was REALLY depressed, did not have any friends and stayed at home for 14-18 hours a day. Often without even going away from my games. Only thing I really did was eating and shopping. Obviously my parents was worried, but my addiction had already taken over me and I got more agressive and angry.

How I discovered NoFap:

I discovered Nofap At the age of 16 too. It started all when I went for a trip to USA. I had a very nice trip, and I felt very good. You know why? Because I did not have acess to P during that period of time. So I started linking things together. I did countless of seaches on the internet about the disbenefits of P, and found a link where it said 100 reasons to quit P. All the things on that list was what I was experiencing. So I tried to stop but soon afterwards I was back on track and boom I had relapsed. By this I learnt the most importent. Find your triggers and prevent them from happening again.

What I have learnt during this year of me trying:

I found out about this subreddit for a about a year ago. Started using it reguraly 2-3 months ago. What I really regret is that I wish I had used this more often! You guys are awesome and I have picked up some of your guys tips and tricks! I learnt that this addiction is very hard and can be very stressful, and that you do need SUPPORT! Do you have a girlfriend? Tell her about this! Let her help you I know it sounds very harsh and hard, but seriously before YOU do any more damage try to recover and get help! Thats what you and I need!

Benefits I have got from quitting:

  • Better sleep, I was litteraly trapped by Insomina, and thought I only need 5-6 hours of sleep. I have learnt about my sleep routines and sleep debt and found out that I have missed valuable sleep hours! Sleep is important nobody need to tell you that, but I would reccomend reading more about it! Right now I am paying years of sleep debt.
  • No more “brain fog”, this used to kill me during classes at school and tests.
  • More energy. I feel more alive and more fresh.
  • Incresed confidence! Yep I still need more improvements but it is coming!
  • My mind is more “sharp”.
  • I dont feel tried anymore, only very rarely.
  • No more PANIC Attacks! Hooray !
  • I am taking more care of myself. Yes little things in life has been more importent for me, I used not to clear my bed each morning or wash the windows etc. Now I am!
  • I want to get out and talk with other people now!
  • I have started more healthy habbits like reading.

Tips I really reccomend and what I am using:

  • I used to promise my self that I would just this one last time, BULLSHIT! Look instead of making promises with you self then look on your triggers! What triggers you to PMO? and most importantly why? How can you prevent it so it won’t happen again?
  • Take cold shower each and every morning! Not only does this kill all your urges but it also dredges you up and make you approach the day more easily.
  • Occupy your time! Go exercising, or why not read a book? The girl you have always loved, why not having a chat with her and see if you can get somewhere ;)?
  • Try for a 2-3 month period to reduce your time spent on a computer. I found the computer thing to be a trigger so I stopped using it for a short period, you know what? I now KNOW that there is a life out there where you can interact with friends have some actual fun!
  • Use some porn blocking software, yes I mean it. We all slip sometimes, and this is where porn blocking software comes in handy! OpenDNS, is a free blocker Which I highly recommend! It blocks the websites you don’t want to access on the actual router so it blocks cross platforms and not only on a specific device!


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by Feyli