Age 17 – Seeing girls differently, more life in me


I’m 17 and am about to take my A-levels at an all-boys school. My best friend told me about Nofap (if you’re reading this, thanks <3 you’re the best) and I thought it sounded like a good thing to do. My first attempt failed at about 2.5 weeks – I didn’t have the conviction and had edged a few times anyway.

After this I binged, and essentially tried to tell myself that I didn’t need Nofap – but after a while I had to reconsider. My confidence was decreasing by the day, I felt like I was becoming less and less social (I would literally tremble in social situations at times). School was becoming increasingly difficult, and I felt I was becoming lazy. Basically, I ended up giving Nofap another shot.

Having read up on the effects of porn addiction and the benefits people claimed to have gained from Nofap, this time I felt genuine motivation. I could relate to so many things. After 90 days without PMO, about 3 wet dreams in the 40-60 day period (they’re annoying, but don’t last), I wouldn’t say I’ve transformed or gained superpowers, but I feel I have gained numerous very real benefits:

• More energy

• More general motivation

• Brain fog gone – this has been so helpful for A-levels, in how I can now memorise information more easily and grasp concepts I previously struggled with. It’s also easier to motivate myself to work

• More free time (to be productive, ideally)

• More motivation to socialise and talk to people (even if I still do it awkwardly)

• Feel better about myself, and without shame

• I look less tired, my face doesn’t sag like it used to

• Easier to get to sleep, and don’t even need as much sleep

• Harder erections and more sexual energy/motivation

• Seeing girls differently – genuinely appreciating their personality, and not making expectations based off porn. Girls who I previously didn’t feel attracted to would now appear pretty and cute

• Easier to feel positive about life in general

• I feel more life in me (kinda hard to describe)

• Stronger emotions, more feeling… I’ve always been emotional so that was an interesting one

Although I’ve done Nofap largely on its own, without gym/meditation or any of that, it’s certainly helped a lot and I feel that I’ve only just begun – once my exams are done with, I’ll consider involving other things such as gym. Right now I’m seriously stressing out about exams anyway 🙂 cries inside

I would obviously recommend Nofap to anyone starting out – whoever you are it’ll give you benefits, for me the main ones were energy and motivation. All that’s needed is conviction. I badly struggled at times, and felt some very negative emotions, but the belief was always there and I always felt that there was no reason for me to mess up. I’m never going back to porn, it disgusts me, I’m done with it.

Good luck everyone, you’re awesome <3

LINK – A 90-day Review

By wilch67