Age 17 – Social anxiety, depression, lack of direction, and the killer, ED.

Well I hit 90 days, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I’ve been at this NoFap thing since August of last year, and this is definitely my first big victory.

So much has changed, yet so much is still to be improved on so there is no is no intention to stop any time soon. NoFap has been very rough at times, and also easy at others. Difficulty doesn’t matter, because the result is worth every effort.

A little backstory: Not going to go into detail or anything, but short story is I was heavily addicted to PMO and masturbation and didn’t even know I had a problem. Started in sixth grade and got a lot more intense around seventh grade. ( I’m going to be a senior now so that’s about 6 years) During those years, it was very rare for me to even skip a day of PMO. I would say in a given day I spanked the monkey about 2-7 times a day. All of this resulting in social anxiety, depression, lack of direction, and the killer, ED.

What I Improved over the last 90 days

  • Motivation to do anything
  • People/social skills (only slightly so far)
  • Social anxiety
  • The ability to start conversations
  • The ability to take responsibility for my own actions
  • Planning for my future
  • I generally care less about what people think of me recently

What has happened in the past 90 days

  • Got a job for the first time
  • Starting strength training
  • Am on a good diet
  • learning how to program games
  • I read more
  • spend less time wandering social media sites
  • generally spend more time doing productive activities
  • I used to have eye twitches, that’s pretty much gone now.
  • Acne is getting better ( Although dieting is playing a big role in this)

Areas to improve on in the future

  • Social skills
  • concentration
  • being more extroverted
  • attitude
  • everywhere else honestly. There’s never a good time to stop improving oneself.
  • I should take cold showers more often
  • I still need to meditate more as well

Was all of this worth it? Well, yes of course. I mean I’m not a completely new person or anything because I did the 90 days, but I sure feel like I’m a step closer to it. Everything that was experienced during the last year was a nice wake-up call that my life is heading for a complete shit spiral to nowhere and it’s time for a change. Going through all of the rough patches, flat-lines, withdrawals, and having your own mind work against you, the realization is that what was happening was a serious addiction with serious on-going consequences. Many of us were trapped and didn’t even know it. That’s so terrifying. Thank god for NoFap.

What I plan to do All I plan to do is to keep going. I just started dieting and exercising, I want to see where that leads. I’m starting to get better at social interaction, which still needs a lot of help. Why would I ever stop now? I plan on doing this NoFap thing as a lifestyle change. After realizing how useless PMO is, this decision isn’t a very tough one. I want to live life like a normal, happy person with ambitions and desire. On that note, I have no intention of stopping ever.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always make sure you have something to keep you busy. If not, you will get bored and we all know where that can lead. If you have a hobby, great. Do the hobby more often or get an extra one, it doesn’t really matter. If a hobby isn’t existent, find one. There are lots of things to do that interest lots of different types of people, there’s bound to be something out there for you.
  • Don’t edge, at all. This may seem obvious to some, and not for others. It leads nowhere and will yield absolutely no benefit. Anything to do with porn or masturbation should be avoided completely for a good, clean recovery. Before these 90 days, edging caused a relapse about 95% of the time.
  • Don’t think about NOT PMO’ing If you’re thinking about how you’re not going to PMO, you’re still thinking about it. I’m not saying to not take advice and apply it to your NoFap habits, but when a big urge strikes try to focus on something else. An urge goes away faster than thought.
  • It’s only temporary. That’s right, an urge is very temporary. A flat-line is temporary, ED is temporary. Everything will be OK. Just stick with it, improve any way possible and things like these will fix on it’s own. NoFap has a magical way of improving multiple areas of life. Eventually everything will come together.
  • Little progress is still progress. There will be days where you feel like nothing is happening. You’re motivation is down, you feel like all of this effort is going to waste. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just an emotion. All you have to do is push forward, whether its crawling or sprinting, progress is still progress. Those small steps lead to something bigger than thought, and at that time you will realize that every little effort was worth it.

That’s about all I got. I wish all of you good luck on your streaks. Anyone can do it. Anything is possible. Peace.

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