Age 17 – Social anxiety & shyness gone. Immense increase in the confidence. My mind is a lot clearer

Hello everyone hope to you all are doing well. First check out the following link…e-without-pmo-starts-today.85116/#post-683141 if you want to know about me I highly recommend checking it out before you read the rest of this post

Okay so 31 days completed, I mean I can’t believe it that I did it. Honestly I don’t even know where I am gonna start lol. Okay so let’s start from the first. It wasn’t easy for me I failed like many many times to get there but that’s the best part I didn’t quit. After every fall I would stand up on my feet get my mind together and go on from there. Also a big shout-out to the NoFap community who always helped and gave thoughts that were uplifting and motivational. Seriously Thank you guys each and everyone .

Make an account on NoFap if you haven’t. Get serious with your goals. Honestly if you don’t know the reason of why you want to quit NoFap then I am sorry you have no motivation going forward. Okay enough life lessons let’s get to the point of why you guys really came here

(1) Immense increase in the confidence. That’s gotta be the common thing that most of us fapstronauts feel. It really is 100% legit . I can guarantee it.

(2) Social anxiety, shyness, gone in these 30 days. I didnt had the balls to talk to any girl earlier but after NoFap it seems like lady talking skills automatically took its place in me.

(3) I get annoyed and irritated pretty easily but since NoFap my mind is a lot clearer and I always think about saying something to someone, a lot more concentration on work, better gains in the gym, better conversational skills etc.

(4) I don’t know if anybody talks about this or not but I noticed an increase in the size of my testes and penis.

There are obviously a lot more points that I could say but I don’t want this post to be too long and waste your time reading it lol. You have the power to change yourself, you have the POWER TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD… you just never knew it. If you fall, GET BACK UP , DON’T LOOK BACK, WHAT HAPPENED IS IN THE PAST YOU WISH YOU COULD CHANGE IT BUT YOU CANT. STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR DREAMS. START WORKING FOR THEN SHOW SOME REAL DETERMINATION TOWARDS THEM.. For all those who are failing in their journey just one thing “NEVER GIVE UP”.
I love this following quote

“Our Greatest Glory Is Not In Never Falling But In Rising Every Time We Fall”..

LINK – 30 days? holy shit. I can write a success story now 🙂

by DashyRicky