Age 17 – The Journey from Teenage Boy to Young Man

I began /r/Nofap around about six months ago. I was in a dire strait: my marks were going downhill; I was in my final year of school; I’d lost none of my weight; I was a complete fucking mess. I had lost the confidence to talk to three girls that had my eye, and I messed up. I had no fucking idea what I was doing with my time, and I constantly contemplated suicide, and self-harm, to make it feel better.

That’s when NoFap came along.

My confidence has absolutely sky rocketed. I subscribed to /r/howtonotgiveafuck, and now I don’t care about what others think of me: doing the right thing, and not giving a fuck about it, feels fucking awesome. My fitness has significantly evolved.

I went on a hiking trip recently: 85 kilometres in 6 days. Had I not been on NoFap, I would have struggled. But it was an absolute breeze: I had been though not fapping for ages, and so I’d learnt…

The location isn’t the prize; it’s the journey.

I graduated school. Got my marks up significantly. I’m now into the University that I wanted to get into, and I’m doing the course I wanted to.

My parents think that I’m a bundle of energy. I’m not scared to show my Internet History now. I let my siblings use my electronics, no fear. My socks, my bed, my hands, my tissue box, are all sterile. I can’t fucking believe it.

But most of all, and best of all: I don’t feel the need to masturbate anymore. I get enough dopamine from what I love doing, rather than something I loathe myself for afterwards.

Porn isn’t a problem anymore. It’s a fucked up medium for self-pleasure, that results in emptiness sprouting in every man and woman whom watches it, and gets off to it. I don’t condemn others for watching it: I just know it’s not for me.

My friends all think this is bullshit, but I’m the only one that can see the light: this shit works, guys. It works.

I’m sitting here, not as a boy, a child; but as a young man. I’ve gotten my life sorted out now. You know what I say to 2014?

I’m ready.

To anyone struggling to keep up with this challenge: fall down six times, get up seven.

To any fellow fapstronauts: best of luck with your endeavours.

To everyone: have fun, be safe, and have the best of luck in 2014.

See you at 90 days, motherfuckers!

The Journey from Teenage Boy to Young Man: NoFap 2013.(self.NoFap)

by padrah