Age 17 – Took 135 days to recover (ED)

Hey guys. Background:

I’m 17, been watching porn daily for about 3 years and masturbating a couple of times a day to it.

I noticed real problems aged 15, these being: depression, no energy, no motivation, no libido at all and ED.

As soon as I noticed problems I had no problem stopping porn. I’d made a few attempts before I knew the extent of it all and managed a few 10-day spurts, so that may have aided my progress in one way or another. I made the decision to stop watching porn, stop masturbating pretty much, stop fantasizing and stop getting with girls for as long as it took until I felt better.

For about 60 days I didn’t really notice anything. I think I sort of skipped the flat-line stage and very slowly improved, having a bit more energy and random morning wood probably about half the nights. Towards day 70, I noticed real improvements: my libido was raging and I felt like i could have had successful sex, while my morning erections were getting towards 100 percent. However, after a few days this slackened off and I went back to feeling pretty good, but nothing special.

At around the day 100 mark (it took me ages, I know!) I started feeling way better, and now at day 135 the changes are huge. I feel for the first time as I did before the problems, where your body shivers with horniness! Really feel like I’ve got my sense of purpose back and that’s important for me. My energy levels have improved untold amounts; I’ve gone from being asleep all day to being buzzing! I almost never dream about porn anymore which I always did at the start and so that displays perfectly the rewiring my brain has undergone. it’s also worth mentioning that I’ve masturbated twice – once a month ago and once a couple of weeks ago, I feel I’m at the stage where I can do that now if it’s purely to sensation, which it was.

Around day 100 I began what I call starved anaerobic exercise, in which I did weights after not eating for a few hours as I’d heard it can help develop dopamine receptors, and I really think it’s helped my recovery but everyone’s different. Today I had my first sexual encounter since I began the reboot and it went well! It was only messing around and I had almost no erection at the start, not a good sign! But actually, as the session progressed and i experienced my first contact with a girl in a long time I could feel my brain rewiring itself to the real thing. By the end I had a 100% erection! So, I’m gonna keep meeting her and getting physical contact for a while before trying for sex, upon which I’ll return with another account!

Seriously guys, I know it’s frustrating but it does work – stick with it.

BY – kulitakija