Age 17 – You won’t believe what has changed

First post here, never thought i would be posting my success here  ;D

I started masturbating at age 12. Yea I know that’s pretty bad but I had no idea of what I was really doing. Fast forward a few months, I accidentally discovered Internet porn. Started off masturbating to pictures and soon after videos. I used to masturbate 1-2 a day  everyday for about 2 years straight. I don’t remember my masturbation experience but as long as I have remembered, I have had PE. Like I could masturbate and be done with it within 30 seconds.

While masturbating my eyesight dropped to -7, had extreme guilt, horrrrrible acne, lack of confidence, developed PE, underdeveloped body, and I could say a feeble mind.

Age 14 completely cut off porn for 3 months because I had no internet during this phase because of travel. During this time, my acne greatly improved, I became more focused.

3 months later the porn started again, on and off. I would masturbate maybe once or twice a week. Acne flared up horribly, life was terrible at this point.

Again on and off I struggled with porn, realizing what I was doing was wrong yet unable to stop at times. At age 16 I discovered your brain on porn.

When I discovered the site, I just went in 100%. No PMO for at least 3 months straight. Acne cleared up like 60%, much better grades, I rose to the top of my class, my teachers were stunned. Girls were interested for the first time since 6th grade lol – and it was just awesome.

Then i gave in at about 90 days on accident. See i have this weird developed habit: whenever i was home alone i would masturbate in the past. So whenever i am home alone for extended periods of time i have the strongest irresistible urges. that’s when i gave in the first time. Acne spiked, then whenever I messed up, I would usually mess up again in the same week.

4-5 weeks no PMO, then 1-3 PMO’s in a week, screwed up & feel bad, acne spikes, and just horrible everyday life in a PMO week.

Then I started noticing other things, other problems I have/had. 90% got worse in PMO week and I was amazed. Around this time I had an eye appointment, turned out my eyesight went from 7 to 6.5 ! I know this sounds ridiculous but it’s the truth. When I went last time, it had improved to 5.75

Around age 17 I went completely cold turkey, from even getting turned on. If I got turned on I would distract my self. That was about 9 months ago. Here’s what has changed so far;

  • eyesight has improved like crazy!
  • acne has almost disappeared from everywhere (i also quit sweets though)
  • no more lower back pains
  • improved focus in everything
  • improved memorization ability
  • better weightlifting and have gained a lot of body muscle. i used to be a stick
  • PE i think is getting better. I still need advice on this

I don’t have much advice to give. Really its for all those who aren’t really really addicted to PMO but just want to improve every aspect of there life. I haven’t seen an posts from “casual” users so i thought i might give my story. Really I think porn is killing society. If it continues idk where mankind will be in 100 years :(

Anyways, hang in there and go cold turkey. The effects are 10x better than “limiting/controlling” yourself. I know its such a faaar away goal but once u start seeing the results, motivation will skyrocket.

Thanks for reading, 1st time poster so take it easy on me. Btw didn’t proofread this so if u have any questions feel free to ask.


By – unknown

BTW – this book really motivated me and changed my perspective on a lot of things. Guys if u have trouble staying away, fast! it really helps. any ways check this book out especially the chapter about masturbation