Age 17 – Zero brain fog, Social anxiety gone, Libido comes roaring back

Days are longer than you think. NoFap taught me this more than anything else. I used to be addicted to Porn. It is hard to admit but I was. For me it was a thrice daily habit that took up 2 and a half hours on average, every single day. Over a year, that is 913 hours spent fucking myself, literally and figuratively.

10% of my time from when I was 14 to when I was 17 I spent sitting in my room, alone, doing absolutely nothing except destroying my ability to communicate, connect, and simply talk to other people. Reality became the pixels on my screen. Life was boring and nothing excited me anymore. I had ED three different times.

At this point I was 17 years old. It is so obvious to me know how this gross habit would produce side effects such as depression, social anxiety, brain fog, and sheer exhaustion. Sitting alone in my room extremely aroused and mezmerized for hours upon hours tired my brain out. Of course it did. Focusing that hard destroyed my energy, leaving me tired, lazy, and bored. Whenever I wasn’t searching for porn I was thinking about it and subsequently felt shame for doing so. Being around people was strange because of how alone I always was. Loneliness, as it’s want to do, fostered depression and increased my sexual frustration. The cycle is self-sustaining and was impossible to break.

I tried several times after watching YBOP. Until I found NoFap. After finding this subreddit, I stopped trying and started doing. You guys are the best. As much as talking about how PMO was ruining my life is fun, let’s get to the part I know all of you are interested in: the journey and the benefits. Categorically as well as chronologically. (disclaimer: obviously the benefits I describe happened to me. I am telling you what you can expect to experience given similar circumstances. This is not a bible but it is an accurate guide)

Week 1 As much as I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, week 1 is the hardest week. The urges are the worst, your body and mind are at their weakest, and your brain can always convince you that fapping won’t hurt. But you shouldn’t listen to your brain. Listen to those of us that know all the good NoFap brings. Week one is categorized by:

  • Strong urges, need to fap
  • Increase in motivation (if I get through this week I’ll basically be at 90!!! No. No you won’t.)
  • Increased happiness
  • Ridiculous sex drive (random boners/wanting to fuck every girl you see)

Once Week 1 is over the journey only gets easier. This is because fapping is a bad habit. Like any habit, it can be broken. After one week, it becomes easier to form new habits that will result in an even easier time down the road. The Snowball Effect is a huge part of NoFap.

Week 2

This is where it gets easier, if you do it right. Energy is starting to return and you will feel pretty good. You may even attract a girl or two. DO NOT get with anyone during this week. It will 100% result in PMO at a later date. As always, stay away from pics and edging. Most importantly: form new habits. NoFap by itself only increases energy levels and productivity. It is up to you to use these boosts to impact a positive change in yourself. Week 2’s defining characteristics are:

  • Incredible horniness
  • Random boners 24/7
  • Social extroversion starts to show itself
  • Social anxiety begins fading
  • Become more forward/physical with girls and as result:
  • Girls become more attracted to you
  • Increased energy
  • Better focus
  • Better memory (may have something to do with me quitting weed a little bit before PMO)
  • Better work ethic

Week 2 is the make or break week. If you start meditating, working out, reading for pleasure, and consistently going out with your friends this week, you will get to 60 days. Guaranteed. If you simply stay at home and browse reddit/the internet or play videogames all day you will fail. Look up body language hacks to increase your confidence even more and halt the possible, small, period of depression that results in week 3.

Week 3 The least defined week in the whole journey. Generally, the blah nature of this week leaves you the most vulnerable to relapse. The initial motivation and benefits are fading, and you begin to question whether or not NoFap is worth it. Persevere, and you will thank yourself 1,000 times over. Week 3 is defined by:

  • Impatient mood (why am I not a sex god yet? superpowers r fake n gay)
  • Decreased energy compared to week 3
  • Decreased work ethic
  • Libido flatline- Do not test if your dick still works. Trust me, this is a slippery slope and you will be able to get it up for a real girl again soon
  • Social anxiety still fading
  • Social extroversion more apparent
  • Less aggressive towards girls as a result of flatline (This may be the opposite for some as the flatline freaks them out and they need to assert their masculinity through flirting/touching/general sexual behavior with women)

Week 3 sucks. That’s the truth. It is too early to see any benefits from your new habits, and you begin to realize that this whole changing your life thing takes some real fucking work and big, manly, hairy, balls.

Week 4 The week of two tales. The beginning of this week is the low point of your journey. The first 4 days are the same as week 4 and it is extremely difficult to persist. Do so, and the rest of the journey is cake. If you have been sticking to your workout/meditation/possibly new job/hanging with friends regimen then these are the benefits you will begin to see towards the 28th day:

  • You will look better (provided your workouts are intense enough, it takes 2 weeks to see a change in your own body)
  • Decreased social anxiety
  • Increased urge to talk to girls
  • Start to really feel love for friends/family
  • Begin to appreciate your life
  • Insane energy
  • Memory almost fully improves
  • Crazy focus
  • School (if applicable) begins to get easier

Week 4 is the week that earned NoFap its volatile and unpredictable reputation. Rollercoaster is a pretty good word to describe it. Keep your guard up through week 4 and you’ll be set. I’d estimate 95% of all relapses come in the first four weeks.

Week 5 What a week. You are bursting with energy just as the world around you seems to burst with color. Every benefit you experience and all the superpowers you experience manifest themselves in week 5. While “superpowers” do not exist, this week could fool you. The combined benefits of NoFap, meditation, working out, and an increased social life makes one feel godlike. The Week 5 benefits are as follows:

  • Extreme amount of energy
  • Brain works faster/ brain fog is gone
  • Memory is extremely accurate
  • Real happiness
  • Contentment with your life
  • Body is getting better
  • Social anxiety basically gone
  • Desire to talk to people develops
  • Confidence skyrockets as a direct result of all the benefits above
  • Become very attractive to girls as a result of confidence
  • Libido still flatlined

Week 5 is awesome. It is still early enough to remember what you felt like when you PMOed, and not late enough to take the superpowers for granted. From now on there are only gradual improvements but do not be discouraged. It is still improvement and no matter what you are a more successful person than when you PMOed.

Weeks 6-8.5 Superpowers become normal. Life starts to feel easy. Girls are much easier to talk to as a result of you getting your shit together. Anyone here that reads any seddit or seduction-related materials, this is what people mean when they say “build an attractive life and you will become attractive”. You do not need to seduce girls anymore. They will seduce you. Stick to the habits you developed over the last four weeks and you will become an absolute beast. You might feel yourself plateauing but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Every plateau is a chance for you to take a deep breath, look around to see how far you’ve come, and keep on fucking climbing. Never stop improving. Weeks 6-8.5 benefits are:

  • Brain works faster
  • Zero brain fog; no voice in the back of your head
  • Memory is perfect
  • Real happiness from everything in your life
  • Contentment
  • Body is much nicer
  • Social anxiety gone
  • Talking is fun
  • Girls are easy to talk to and touch
  • Confidence skyrockets
  • Become very attractive
  • Libido comes roaring back

Most sexual contact is fine at this point because you have built up enough resistance and enough habits that any O induced by a woman should not have a chaser effect or cause a desire to look at porn. If it does, remember what you are working towards and think about the fact that if day 60 feels this good, you cannot even imagine how good day 160 will feel.

NoFap did not change my life. It gave me the energy, motivation, and free time to do so. Even though I have a lot of chores, hobbies, and quite a busy social life (got a girlfriend around day 50, who was my crush of 6 months until I manned the fuck up and ASKED HER OUT) I still marvel at how much I can get done in one day. PMO was time-consuming, depressing, and downright awful. But I changed. And so can you. All that you need is the motivation, the discipline, and the straight-up massive testes that it takes to maximize your potential as a person. Use NoFap as a tool, not a crutch.

And for fucks sake don’t edge you horny sluts!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” -Timo Cruz (Coach Carter)

LINK – 60 Day Report: A Weekly Guide on How to Succeed and What to Expect

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