Age 18 – 100 days: Much more confidence. Brain fog, depression, anxiety – all lifted

I’ve been doing NoFap since 15th April 2012. I started because I just got back from a holiday and I was aimlessly browsing a website called ‘Pickup Podcast.’ And one of the interviews was titled ‘YourBrainOnPorn,’ so I decided to listen, being sceptical and all, and I realised after 5-10 minutes, that the person he described, that lazy, stubborn, shy (yet extrovert) kid was me. So after three, or so hours, I discovered NoFap. And up until the 29th June, I was off and on. Going anywhere from 1-17 days, and making all kinds of excuses for watching porn and why I relapsed.So on the 29th of June, 66 days since I started, and after relapsing approx. 12 times, I made a pact with myself I wouldn’t relapse until after my birthday, 25 days later on the 23rd July. And I told myself that I would do yoga once a day, and do interval training three times a week. That lasted approx. 6-7 weeks, until I got two jobs, and uni assignments came flooding in. But I never forgot how invigorating being able to run 2kms and do 10 full pushups, until then. Because before that I was 126kg, with a waist of 42inches, and now I’m 115kg, with a waist of 38inches.

So I survived that 25 days, and quite simply it got so much easier! Yeah, there were times later on, where I would be fighting with my dick in hand to not relapse. But it went from thoughts every minute of everyday, telling me she’s fit, or I should fuck her; to once or twice throughout the entire 60 days after that, telling me I should do something, or find some stupid reason to relapse, and lose my 30-80 day streak.

In terms of relationships, and being able to communicate with people, I am so much more confident, it’s ridiculous. See I work as a waiter, part time, and it’s ridiculous how many times I’m referred to as ‘The cute waiter.’ Uhh, I love it! Man, last week I had this 40-year old chick, who was sitting with this guy that I thought was her husband. Turns out they’re brother and sister, and she’s single. What’s that? Of course I got her phone number, AND set up a date.

I mean, last night I was getting off the train, and out of nowhere comes this chick I knew from primary school (8-10yrs ago), and she’s like “I’m so happy to see you, I just need someone to hug!” We hugged for approximately 5 minutes, and afterwards she told me this story of the worst date possible. By which, she went on a date with this guy friends set her up with, and he was meant to be a sweetheart, but he was just so nervous that he was afraid to hold hands, kiss, etc. So just that entire time, they went to an observatory and just made really awkward talk, AND they caught the train home together.

So, by the end of it, we were holding hands, and kissing and all. Quite honestly, thinking about it, it was strange, because I just got off work, and straight into the arms of this gorgeous woman. But, in the situation, as soon as I hugged her, I knew how much she needed a sense of comfort and security, and that I was the one that provided it.

My problems now aren’t to do with approaching people, or getting really intimate with them. My only problem is getting them into bed. That’s because I’m a virgin. It’s not that I’m consciously afraid of getting into bed with someone, it’s just when we’re in the moment, I freak out. Or I forget what’s going on, and snap out of the state I’m in. I’d love to hear you guys opinion about this, because otherwise I’m loving NoFap, I just have this little problem.

In terms of brain fog, anxiety and depression; I can’t really remember the person who I used to be. Although, I want to stress this to you, NoFap is similar to any medicine, you may improve just by doing it for a certain period of time. But it’s so much easier to stick with a schedule of exercise, healthy eating and doing something that you love (say socialising). Because otherwise, you’ll just be saying to yourself ‘I’ll lose weight after NoFap, because then I’m less stressed,’ and eating shitty food for three months, and then by the end of that time wonder how much you’ve actually improved.

So I say, try to better yourself as much as you can through these 3 months. Even if it’s changing one thing every 30 days. That way you can give yourself more of a reason to push yourself through these 90 days, rather than by saying ‘Simply by not fapping, I’m going to be so much more of a better person.’

Good Luck.

LINK – My 100 Day Report

by BondyFX