Age 18 – 102 days: I have confidence and a real relationship

LINK – 102 Days: Time to thank this subreddit

by MaximusM

I look back at myself 100 days ago (doesn’t seem like a relatively long time, but it feels like ages have passed) and I see an awkward guy who was always tired and never had energy for social events. I’m glad that I am not that person any more. NoFap helped with the confidence, I would say that is the real super power that I got. In my opinion, confidence is one of the most important traits of a person. I’m glad I have some damn confidence now. And finally, I lost my virginity today. It feels good to have a real relationship now instead of looking at women online. What a difference. Thanks you guys for sticking with this subreddit and keeping everyone motivated! Keep on doing what you guys do, I owe you guys one.