Age 18 – 300 days of nofap report.

I have done 300 days of nofap- Straight up no Masturbation for 300 days. The last time i posted here i had done 166 days, and my conclusion then was that nofap is extremely worthwhile.

So, what are my thoughts after 300 days?

Well, I wanna start with a little bit of background, but condensed into bullet points in Chronological order-

Sept 2011– Met girl, decided i like her and want her as a Girlfriend.

Sept 2011– We got together the same month- She was very instrumental in this happening. I feel cool.

Oct 2011– We hit some trouble- Family issues on her side of things

Oct 2011– We split up on good terms….ish

Oct 2011– Had last fap and Began Nofap!

Dec 2011– Get back together- Not necessarily aided by nofap.

Dec 2011– Split up again on bad terms

Jan 2012– Start noticing i feel more confident and alive- End up going out the house more and having a good time

Feb 2012– Get a new Girlfriend, things seem good and i feel King

Feb 2012– Posted on nofap proclaiming its brilliance

Apr/May 2012– Get attacked by some misinformed guy, Confidence dented but nofap effects stay strong.

Apr/May 2012– Girlfriend wants to take a break from the relationship- so we do that

May 2012– Buy her a Teddy and we get back together (Not just because of the teddy)

June 2012– Things go well with her, Had forgotten about nofap and had just got into the habit of not fapping- But still feeling the effects.

July 2012– Birthday, got pretty drunk with girlfriend and her friend- Girlfriend is sick everywhere and cries about personal problems- I feel like a dick for instigating her getting drunk

Sunday 22nd July– We split up, she had lost feelings for me and is, of course, having family trouble again along with personal problems

Tuesday 24th July– Sit at my PC and think about nofap…and write this post.

The effects of nofap seemed to flatline after they peaked in Feb 2012, but they did flatline at a peak point and these effects seem to continue to this day. The issue is that i have gotten so used to them, that they don’t even feel like they exist anymore.

It’s like most things that you may take for granted – a home, warmth, family, food on demand, entertainment on demand….etc You don’t notice these things, until they are no longer there- At which point it may be too late to get them back.

I didn’t want to use this post to vent my feelings after what has happened, but if it seems that way- I apologise.

In conclusion then, After 300 days of abstaining from any sort of fapping activity or orgasm (Apart from the night time penis splosion on day 166)-

It is most definitely a worthwhile thing to do, but remember that nothing is perfect and nofap is no exception.

The effects build upon who you already are – If you are a nasty person by nature, you will be a Nasty Person + Confidenceconfidence.

On the flip side, if you are a Kind person by nature, then you will be a Kind person + Confidenceconfidence.

But, perhaps the benefits are only cause by a placebo effect – Even so, they still have an impact. I have no intention to fap anytime soon.

LINK – 300 Days, My take on it all (For a second time)

by kuoguy