Age 18 – 365 days: I see women differently, academic improvement

When I started this whole thing one year ago, I had no idea I would make it to where I am today. Day 365, 1 year, is complete. It is no longer a desire I must overcome to not masturbate to porn; it is simply a decision of, “nah, I don’t want to,” and that’s that. It is odd that, out of all people, your own self is the hardest to control, but it is truly something to be proud of when you finally have that grasp over yourself.

I don’t think about masturbation or porn anymore on a daily basis; it has been replaced with other things in my life that are much more important. In fact, I haven’t been on this subreddit, let alone Reddit, in a few months. I no longer have to battle the thoughts of “am I going to watch porn and masturbate today?” That is a battle I won long ago. When I think of porn, I think of how disgustingly and wrongly it portrays sex, and the relationship between man and woman in general. I no longer think of women as sexual objects–I have many female friends who I appreciate not for their physical or sexual traits, but rather for their amazing personalities. Aside from that, I have seen great success in other areas of my life–This past semester, I had the highest grades I’ve ever had throughout high school (I’m going to be a senior), and I achieved SAT and ACT scores that far exceeded the expectations of myself and my parents (2210/34 SAT/ACT).

It has given me a far greater understanding of what matters in my life. I have time now to focus on other things that are much more important, like my studies, college stuff, the instrument I play, family, friends, etc., instead of things like pornography and masturbating.

I plan on continuing this streak. It would be nice to go for 2 years. For those who are just starting out, keep on trying. It is by no means easy, and it can be hard to realize this in the long-term sense, but the results you have yet to yield will be truly incredible, and brief periods of superficial gratification will only serve to continue to restrict you from achieving this sense of REAL gratification.

This year, I have learned so much about who I am and what I believe, and that extends far beyond the realms of this no-fap business. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this past year has been the most important year of my life. Stay awesome, fapstronauts, and keep at it. It’s worth it in the end…I can finally say that from personal experience.

LINK – Day 365. My journey is complete.

by TheFapLog