Age 18 – 6 month report: I had ED & no sensitivity

INITIAL POST First timer I dont know whats up with me

I’m 17 years old and I think I’ve let myself down. I started watching porn at 14 and I got addicted quite easily. The weird thing is I recently calmed down on it and I could still get my good erections. But recently I started watching it frequently for about a month and now I have weird symptoms: I get the occasional hard spontaneous erection along with my morning wood, but anything else I’m totally Flatlined. I have zero libido occasionally.

So I decided to start a reboot and I’m in week 3 of it and I’m still in the same symptoms: Morning wood, A few spontaneous erections but anything else is totally dead.

My question is, how long would my recovery take?? As i only had seriously watched porn frequently for about 2 months.  And what can I do to help?

I have no desire for porn at all now, but occasionally I think of my girlfriend and I get an erection, like the morning wood and spontaneous erections. But coming to normal masturbation I have zero libido and I cant be bothered to do anything.

Should I continue the reboot and how long would it take who watched frequent porn for a short period of time. I used to watch it like once a week until December.

I appreciate the help.

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Progress So Far

February 17, 2013

Hey guys, I’m a little over half way on my reboot, and some weird signs have been happening. Started the no PMO on December 22, where I had a flatline for 2 weeks with like one or two days of spontaneous erections. After that spontaneous got harder every day until about day 57 where I had a erection as big as my older days. It was spontaneous but after it followed with a jizz in my pants, not sure if this was due to overload of semen. Wasn’t even thinking of porn or sex either it just fired. Now its been spontaneous erections at about 70% each time to today, how do you think I’m doing?? I’ve only had one day of morning wood, I’m 18 years old and hope to be ready by June. any advise would help.


Thank you Yourbrainrebalanced

May 9, 2013, by malfidog

Hi there,

I’m here to say Thank you to your brain rebalanced as to prove Gary’s Logic was true for most of my problems.

I am now able to get an erect penis through sensitivity and natural arousal instead of relying on Porn all day. I am an 18 year old who didn’t know I had this problem until I started masturbating and it got harder to do, due to a weaker erection. Thinking nothing was wrong it only dug me into a deeper hole. I eventually found out I had PIED and possibly Zinc/Test deficiency.

I have been rebooting for 6 months now and 0 Relapses to Porn. Before starting my reboot I could never get my penis up without porn it struggled pretty badly every time. Rebooting was hard but I’ve stuck by it and I’m not relapsing ever again to porn.

Today I sustained an erection through arousal and it stayed up for a while. Sex is the next task to do and by the looks of the symptoms I’m sure ill have no problems. Going from no sensitivity to a lot of sensitivity has proved there is hope for most PIED sufferers.

I still have a slight concern though even though I can get an erection now when I want, why is my Penis not as long in erection size as it was when I was 16/17? Could this be due to my deficiencies? Anyways just proof that rebooting has helped me lots and now ill be trying sex next month. Please ask me other stuff if you would like any info. I don’t believe I’m fully cured but 95% sure I’m there.

Thanks All