Age 18 – 60 days: since I’ve started, nothing but good things have been happening to me.

It’s been pretty simple so far. Here are some observations.

  1. Good luck. I’m religious so I link positive events in my life with my ongoing efforts in NoFap. And since I’ve started, nothing but good things have been happening to me. For example, just last week I got my SAT results and got 2360 on my first try even though I usually got lower on my practice tests (a couple times I got higher). Also last week I got back my AP Calculus BC math test back and found out that I was the only one to ace the test. Our teacher is infamous for being difficult but that test was a breeze for me. The list never ends…
  2. Few urges. I might still be in flatline because I get almost no urges. I stay home alone for multiple hours at a time but never fall into PMO. This is in part due to a No Arousal Policy, where I try very hard to avoid looking at anything stimulating. I had one close call in the shower last week. I’m too much of a wimp for cold showers so I always take hot ones. I don’t really get tempted in the shower but for some reason, after exercise, I find it much harder to resist the urge. In the future I will take colder showers after exercise because my body temperature will be high anyways.
  3. If the urge comes up, instead of giving in, hold your breath as long as you can and then go on NoFap. Stall as much as possible and eventually the urge will disappear.
  4. I haven’t really experienced any of those life-changing confidence boosts or anything because I only started fapping a few months ago and haven’t really noticed any differences. But I do have better self-control, so that’s something.
  5. I keep having wet dreams but I don’t count those as relapses.
  6. I had been trying to quit PMO for a month or two before NoFap ever since I started it. I had gotten 21 days at the most. But ever since starting NoFap 60 days ago, I haven’t done PMO at ALL. Previously I had no support and thought I was on my own against a world of 99% fappers. With NoFap, I had a helpful community with a similar mindset. NoFap is a powerful tool. Use it wisely.

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by smokeweedevryday420