Age 18 – 90 days and now a second life.

It looks like today is 90 days of PMO abstinence since I started. It was a week or two before holidays when I finally chose to fap in front of screen last time in my life. So I fapped then and right after set my badge hoping all these posts here on no-fap are true.

It was hard to make 90, though I haven’t relapsed even once, only had one wet dream. What’s changed? Well, a lot. Before, I was living worst life I can image. Not having showers, because I was spending all day playing computer games, and skipping meals as well or eating only junk food. I didn’t want to even have a sunlight in my room, so I could masturbate whenever I wanted. Although i had some friends, I wasn’t participating in parties etc. Just spending my entire day in my room doing unproductive things. After few weeks things changed, I started caring about dressing well, having good hygiene, cleaning my room. This proved to me no-fap is working, so I was more motivated to stay away from PMO. Improved confidence? Fuck yeah, it has improved a lot. Started going to gym and changed eating habits. Quit playing video games, so I can do productive things while using computer. I feel more emotionally stable, not having mood swings like before. I can concentrate a lot easier now and my memory has improved.

However, it is not like I woke up some day and just started doing these things. I still sometimes procrastinate in front of computer, have bad days and don’t want to do anything. But the difference is that now I can force myself to do anything, because that energy is in me. I have still a lot of work to get done. It’s just a beginning to a better life.

LINK – 90 days and second life.

by aegis12


UPDATE – Caution: How my fap habit returned after 130 days PMO free.

Hello, this is some kind of warning for you, who are inexperienced with nofap. I managed to go cold turkey for the first time and achieve ~130 days PMO free. At that point I was thinking about fapping from time to time. Well, my addiction was gone, what could possibly go wrong? 1st fap, some relief, next one and next one and suddenly I’m fapping every 2 days. I feel like shit, half-brain fog, I couldn’t lift weights(I mean these, which are challenging) because that feeling of weaknees was there.

Fortunately, effects of addiction don’t really “rewire” your brain in one or two weeks as the same as they don’t dissapear in that time.

Realized that I had to change now, It has been over two weeks and now things have gone back to normal state. Energy is there, motivation is there.