Age 18 – Best birthday ever: after literally 1 year of NoFap things are starting to truly click


I would usually spend my birthday at home eat cake then binge porn. This is my first birthday where that has changed. I couldn’t give a shit about presents or any of that. My streak is the best gift I could have ever given myself.

I’ve been working out at the gym for a month now, and still slightly resemble a twig, results are barely just starting to show, biceps are more full, legs slightly more defined, chest poking out a bit more. This is the first birthday ever where I feel older because I’m making changes in my life.

Today I was talking to a few of my girl (space) friends (not quite at my full pimp potential yet), and was making them burst out laughing. I’ve always been considered funny, but today was more like when I was in 6th grade where I would make people really laugh. It felt good. I was smiling just walking to school seeing how beautiful everything was. This is the first streak where I’ve been able to control my sexual thoughts and it’s amazing.

Then I went on the train and made strong eye contact with this woman. Could be pure coincidence but she subtly rotated her phone to take a picture of someone, not sure if I should have talked to her or the police, but regardless I’m assuming it was of me (which my ego is perfectly fine with). Everything yesterday just massively boosted my confidence. Even though I didn’t have a birthday party, this whole day was one massive victory party. Now I can truly live life the way I’m supposed to.

Love you guys, after literally 1 year of NoFap things are starting to truly click. You have all inspired me, I hope I could return some of the inspiration. If I could defeat this demon, I know all of you can.

In the last year I’ve been changing every aspect of my life (Some more successfully than others), but my general progress has been upward. Start making changes now so that by the time your birthday comes around you can have the same feeling I’m having. The amount of times I have relapsed is stupid, so much wasted time, depressed days feeling lonely, and like I’ll never get someone to love me.

Now I’m working out getting the body I want, meditating getting the headspace I want, eating better meals, working on my passions, and loving life. Stay strong guys, cause just last year I was a major addict who was oblivious to NoFap. Now hopefully my 18th birthday will be even better.


by ManVsHand