Age 18 – ED cured, everything working perfectly

I had PIED every time I hooked up with a girl. When I lost my V card I was disappointed that sex did not feel as good as I had anticipated.

Later on I found out that I had PIED when I only got half erect with another girl, twice.

For about two months I cut down on watching porn. I watched a video once a week or so and then I got very serious after my erections still sucked. I cut porn, masturbating, sexual acts with girls, fantasizing, movies/videos that resembled porn entirely, from Jan 8 2014 to Feb 15. After that I started masturbating again, but sensation only.

Yesterday I hooked up with a girl, got an HJ and I must say the feeling was all back and it felt amazing. I lasted about 5-7 minutes with perfect stiffy. I’d like to think I’m better, but next weekend I’m hanging out with a couple other girls. (Not at the same time  obviously) and then I will know for certain. But everything down there has been working perfectly.

LINK – I am quite pleased with the results

by orion