Age 18 – ED cured. I now see women as beautiful people instead of objectifying them.

I originally started this journey for two reasons: one, because I have suffered from increasingly terrible PIED since I was 14 and never knew the cause until I got fed up after numerous embarrassing situations. I felt attracted to girls and had confidence and skill in talking to them, but simply had trouble when it actually came down to sex.

At one point I was fapping to some pretty disturbing genres of porn several times a day, and for some reason didn’t at all expect that it had something to do with my sexual performance with women.

What truly set off my desire to change was actually a spiritual awakening, which gave me the desire to truly connect with the people around me and see sex as more of a beautiful way to do this as opposed to simply satisfying the urges I had. Upon researching my ED issues I came across this subreddit, and decided that I was going to change my life immediately.


I am now 18 years old and this is day 90 of nofap, going strong. I have noticed major improvements in the gym, my own confidence, and even awareness of how people interact. I now see women as beautiful people instead of objectifying them and planning on how to get with the ones I’m interested. I have a lot more friends and best of all, I love myself and others much more.

I haven’t had an embarrassing moment with ED since day 18 of nofap when I had to fantasize to get it up in bed with a girl, and have had sex with 3 girls since I started. I am now dating a beautiful girl that I can truly be myself with and have no shame or embarrassment around. I’m actually in awe right now looking at how much I’ve changed, please just do this for yourself. It is one of the best things I’ve ever done with my life.

-TIPS/what I’ve learned-

  • No physical pleasure feels as good as a true appreciation for yourself and those around you.
  • Urges can be beaten in one of two ways
  • distract yourself with something else, such as social interaction or sports, or meditate through it and force your mind to calm itself.
  • Fantasizing can be just as bad as porn itself. Cut yourself off ENTIRELY from any form of sexual input.
  • The farther you go, the less set back you are by a reset. Never give up.
  • Imagine any male figure that’s widely respected, masturbating with his pants around his legs with a stupid face on. You cant, because they don’t. Visualize who you want to be, because it will always be more powerful than your urge to masturbate.
  • Look to who you want to be as well as those around you for motivation, because sexual pleasure lasts mere seconds compared to your entire life as a person you enjoy being.


After a successful sexual experience with a girl I listened to this song to remind myself of who I want to be, someone who can share love with the people around him and look at other people as wonderful and interesting souls. this was like the anthem of my transformation. This song helped me whenever I felt broken down and wanted to masturbate so bad its all i could think about. All i felt some days was that I should do whatever makes me happy because what’s the point of doing this if i hate it. this song reminded me that I’m doing it for something that will make me way happier in the long run.

Motivational videos on YouTube are very helpful, just look up motivational video and theres a lot of great ones.

COLD SHOWERS nightly and whenever you feel like you cant handle it all. seriously this was probably the one thing that made my journey a success, the physical and mental benefits are not to be underestimated.

THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Please do it for yourself, you will love who you become. If you need any help or advice message me, I’m so thankful for the awesome community here that got me through this. Namaste.

LINK – 90 Days Success Report (tips and what I’ve learned)

by Leview