Age 18 – ED cured: I used ED pills to assist in rewiring

Sup people? So I been addicted to this PMO shit from like the time I was 15 right until like 17 or something .. That’s when I realised it was a problem after many failed experiences with girls.

I gave up watching porn by myself , but still masturbated like twice a month to pictures. I then found this site , got all the proper info I needed and began my reboot .. I did my rewiring with the use of ED pills. yesterday I successfully had sex with no ED drugs and my boner was amazing. I even went a 2nd round but couldn’t finish. But still great success.

This site and the work you guys have done literally has changed lives. its certainly changed mine and I hope it changes many more and helps all of you. god bless you all


By Jakes:)


FIRST POST –18 with Porn Induced E.D.

Sup everybody.. i want to apologize for the long post in advance but i really could use some advice and help right now. I just want to start of by saying a bit about me.

I’m 18 and I’m a natural bodybuilder. I’m bigger than the average 18 year old in terms of lean muscle and I have a very healthy lifestyle and a good clean diet. I’ve been free of any porn now for about 4-5 months, and the last time I did watch porn was with no masturbation.

I’ve been suffering with porn induced ED for about 2 and a half years now it started when I left school and went to a college with not much women. it was an engineering college so mostly guys. I didn’t even realise how addicted I was to porn and masturbation until I had my 1st terrible experience at breaking my virginity with a hot chick who I really liked. From there it just went down hill and I failed at every other chance I had with hot women. I soon became depressed.

The funny part is that before porn I was EXTREMELY horny and would chase anything on 2 legs. i made out with chicks and got insane boners. After porn ruined me i was completely disinterested in girls and could never maintain an erection. At my young age i knew there was something definitely wrong with me because I’m supposed to be women crazy like the way I used to be before porn.

So i started giving up porn and masturbation which was so difficult but I’m proud to say i eventually did give it up. I’ve only recently started reading up about brain rewiring when i had another failed experience with a hot chick. I’ve given up porn and masturbation yet I still have E.D. with girls.

I’m now in a relationship with a gorgeous girl who i really do like and I’ve been having sex with her but with the aid of Vigora ( a pill for E.D). the 1st time i tried with her i failed and that’s when i decided to try vigora. I think my brain is slowly going back to normal with the sex I’ve been having but i plan on cutting out the vigora soon, I’m a young guy i don’t need that shit. its just my brain that’s fucked up. the last thing i want is to ruin things with this girl and slip back into depression.

Please help guys i could use anything right now just to get back to normal. . i am much better than i was I’m more sensitive to her touch and kisses but i need to over come this 100%. Just being a part of this forum where i know I’m not alone and can get help makes me feel so much better as I’ve never spoken about this to anyone ever before. please help people i just want to know what more i should do to overcome this completely and any other tips and advice would be appreciated.