Age 18 – ED cured, less anxious, more confident

This story is long as fuck. I know that and I apologize, but it is the ultimate success story of what noFap can do for you. I am an 18-year-old Fapstronaut. I am in very good shape, healthy, and don’t suffer from any sort of anxiety or depression problems. I have been looking at porn since I was 10 and masturbating to it since 12. I probably jacked off almost every single day for 6 years, and multiple times a day at that. Over the years, the porn that I watched started to get weird (bondage, piss, you name it), and last summer I even began masturbating on ____. I am not proud of this at all. I definitely think I would have been way more outgoing throughout high school if it weren’t for porn and masturbation. Girls often wanted to hook up with me, but I would ignore them a lot of the time to go jack off at home. Fuck me.

However, last summer when I was about to lose my virginity with an amazing girl, I could not get an erection. This was depressing as fuck. I’m sure a lot of you noFappers reading this know what I mean. You feel so fucking shitty when you can’t get a boner. She was really cool with the situation though but I still remember how bad I felt when she sat up and disappointingly said, “Oh… Am I doing something wrong?”

I blamed it on being nervous and thought maybe I just didn’t think she was as attractive as I previously thought, but this was bullshit. After this period though, I could not maintain an erection, even when watching porn. I was constantly sad, and totally lost libido. This was really shitty, especially because two weeks later was my first week of college, and I had no urge to party, make friends, hook up with girls, or anything.

In December my friend showed me noFap and I did not understand it at all. I didn’t watch the YBOP videos or read about anything, but I saw a post that noFap had cured his ED and decided to do a 30 day challenge. The challenge was easy for me because I was still never horny since my experience not being able to get hard. During this challenge, I noticed that I was way less socially anxious and more willing to go up and talk to people without giving a fuck what they thought.

Since December I had been on and off of noFap with a few really bad relapses in between (back to [chat rooms] once or twice). I still was never very horny though which sucked. In March, I decided to do noFap again officially and began my counter. I noticed immediate effects on becoming less anxious. I am not an awkward person to begin with, but noFap gave me more confidence to walk up to people and just talk without second thought. After about two weeks I saw one of my friends at a party and we started hooking up. I brought her back to my room and we tried to have sex, but once again I could not get a full erection, only about 50%. I blamed it on the alcohol, even though I knew this wasn’t what it was actually about.

Two weeks later though I met an amazing girl who kind of seemed like she was into me. Because I had already not been fapping for around a month I was really confident and talked to her no problem. This girl is extremely flirty and tons of dudes are into her, but she fell for me immediately. I hooked up with her, and she was about to give me a BJ but by just touching my dick I came before she could. This was really damn embarrassing but after a month of not fapping it felt so fucking good I didn’t care.

Later that week this same girl and me had sex! The first time we had sex (and I officially lost my virginity) we were drunk and I was able to get an erection no problem. SUCCESS. I was so happy I didn’t have ED. However, the next day we tried to have sex again, this time sober, but I could not get it up. Once again I felt worthless and like shit.

That night I jacked off to porn to make sure everything was working. Then I watched YBOP videos for the first time and finally realized why my penis wasn’t working. I had porn induced ED and there’s a cure! Fuck yes!

I completely stopped masturbating and watching porn, but during this month I was hooking up with this girl every day and often had trouble getting an erection and I was never at 100%. I could not get hard if she didn’t manually stimulate me, if I was wearing a condom, or if there were any distractions. I was also not very horny and not nearly as into the hook ups as she was. She had a lot of sexual experience and I am still surprised she stuck with me throughout that entire month. I could not get an erection a lot of the time, and when I could I wouldn’t last very long before finishing.

Before we left school for summer though, we decided to be exclusive and officially date. See that noFappers I got a girlfriend! I never had a girlfriend before and a few months into noFap and she’s all over me! NoFap might not actually make you a chick magnet but it does something awesome to you that girls love.

I have officially not jacked off in 37 days consecutively as of now, but I have been attempting noFap for about 3 months. My ED is a thing of the past. Four months ago, if there was a naked girl in my bed with her legs spread I wouldn’t be able to get a boner to save my life. Now, I can get a boner if I’m talking to my girlfriend on the phone and she tells me she’s not wearing a shirt. I just wanna let you all know: NOFAP IS THE FUCKING SHIT AND WORKS.

Also, I now don’t have any urge to watch porn or masturbate on Omegle. Now, I just wish for two things: 1. I could get rid of PE (been working on kegels) 2. I could go back in time and go through high school without fapping!

TLDR; 18. Couldn’t get hard when about to lose the v card. Depressed bc of PI-ED. Try nofap. Get more confident. Get less anxious. Lose virginity. Get a girlfriend. ED is fixed. NoFap is the shit. I am a different person.

LINK – You wanna read an ultimate success story? This IS the ultimate success story.

by Captn_King