Age 18 – ED & delayed ejaculation healed: It all seemed so hopeless at the beginning

The reason I started NoFap was to get over my PIED/DE. I’m 18 and had been doing PMO since age 14 about 5-7 times a week. This is my first streak.

Month 1 was riddled with urges and what not. I didn’t relapse though. My main strategy was to look at articles on YBOP to educate myself about what I was doing to my brain with PMO and that kept me away.

Month 2…flatline. Depression hit pretty hard for about 2 weeks. Parents even wanted me to go see a doctor. I didn’t tell them what was going on I just said that I thought it would pass. Upside was I had no urges anymore. It ended around month 3.

Month 3 I started seeing some results. I knew I had PIED from my inability to get an erection with my last gf. My current gf and I don’t have sex…but for the first time I was able to get an erection/reach orgasm (on a BJ). So finally some results with PIED/DE! Also barely any urges month 3.

Moral of the story: It all seemed so hopeless at the beginning but this process does work for young people with PIED. Urges diminish. Things get easier. Hope this is encouragement for those of you that are just starting out. Feel free to ask any questions. Stay strong bros.

LINK – 120 Day Report (PIED/DE)

by nateertot



6 Month Report

180 days, twice my NoFap goal and I’m still going strong. I don’t plan on stopping any time soon either. I’ve learned so much about self control and about myself along the way and the journey so far has been tough but rewarding. I want to thank this entire community. You guys are all amazing. NoFap is a godsend. So here’s a little snippet of my progress:

18 year old male: I began because I was having Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction, this is my first streak.

Month 1: The most difficult month of NoFap. I was in break from school, and had nothing to do. I was bombarded with urges day in and day out. The worst part was I didn’t see any progress with my ED in that time. For those of you in your first month, hang in there! It only gets easier.

Month 2: Flatline: no sex drive. Depression hit me hard. I cried all the time. Being alone was impossible for me. My parents wanted me to go to see a doctor, but I knew it was only temporary. I had supportive friends to get me through thank god, and an amazing SO that has been nothing but understanding the entire journey. Good news: no urges.

Month 3: Midway through I finally hit my stride. Sex drive came back, but it was different now. I didn’t crave porn anymore. Rather than getting this overpowering need to ravage my own dick I craved intimacy. Though I got sexually aroused quite often never once did I want to Fap. Additionally, I began to see some results with my ED about 110 days in.

Month 4-6: NoFap has become the lifestyle. I come to this sub every day to comment on posts, though I rarely make them myself. It has become easy to fend off urges due to the strategies that I have gained from the community. NoFap has become something I can be proud of. I kicked an addiction that most people can’t, and now I get to use my experience to help others do the same.

So that’s it, thanks for reading! Feel free to ask me anything about my journey/progress. Stay strong you guys.