Age 18 – ED & PE: 80 days – now have fantastic sex!

On day 80 and I’ve had my doubts on whether I would actually get better from my PIED but this week I’ve started a fling with an amazing girl who was staying in my area for a little while. Oh my stars and garters, shit got great!! I got to meet this great girl and the on the first date i didn’t expect us to go past 1st base because of PIED but after 5 hours of cuddling I got the hardest I’ve been in years w/o porn. We’ve escalated through the days really quickly and last night had amazing sex. Before I’ve always came after 2 pumps with a semi-hard dick, but this time I lasted for 20 minutes and we came at the same time. I’ve never felt so accomplished and comfortable with myself before. For me NoFap worked amazingly so far.



by lets_improve_us



Kinda scared right now. Can anyone give me some advice?

So this has been my longest streak in NoFap. I’ve seen improvements like I’m starting to get morning wood and I feel ‘something’ in my dick when I see something sexually attractive. But other than that its dead. I’m not seeing much libido increase and this dead dick phase is really scaring me. Has anyone experienced something similar?


Dude, little more than a month in… and I’m back in a middle school mindset when it comes to boobs… AWESOME (possible trigger) (self.NoFap)

I spoke to my cheer coach for the first time since starting nofap and she was wearing a low-cut shirt, complimenting her awesome boobs. For the first time in a LONG time, I realized I was attracted a person’s assets (mentally,haven’t yet been able to achieve a solid erection from real people) but holy shit that was awesome! I feel like that’s showing progress!!!