Age 18 – Far more energy & confidence, and everyday girls are attractive now

Hey guys. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted. I started in December but kept relapsing week after week. Nevertheless I hit 90 days. I did it totally alone. Told no one. Didn’t check nofap. This was my personal war that I had to triumph in alone.

What has changed?

The biggest thing is more energy. Whenever I would come home from school, I would fap and that would leave me drained for the rest of the evening. I can do whatever I want and have a lot more motivation. I also have more spare time as I do not have to sift through page after page of porn.

Increased testosterone in my system has helped a lot. Negative feedback control ensures it is maintained but keeping a steady level is amazing. I am more confident, have a deeper voice, more in control and going to the gym is easier as I want to compete and building muscle is easier.

Girls. Well I appreciate women more. I can easily express my sexuality, the increased confidence is a big boost, and everyday girls are attractive now. I feel alive again.

But honestly. I struggled a lot. Don’t expect super extreme powers. Just expect a gradual increase in awareness. Having a crystal clear mind is my biggest benefit from this.

I fapped a day ago. It was not mindblowing. It was good but I won’t be addicted again. On a sidenote, when you ejaculate after nofap, your semen will have a yellowish tinge. This is very normal and after a few ejaculations your semen will be white again. (That was for those with girlfriends who may freak out at yellow semen)

I haven’t had time to check into NoFap much but keep at it guys. Don’t do it for the rewards but do it for the self satisfaction that you are your own master.


LINK – 90 Days. Finally.

by alonewithsauron