Age 18 – Greater confidence, rarely procrastinate, much better perspective and understanding of women, relationships, and sex.

I can’t say that it has been easy. I first started NoFap 90 days ago due partially to curiosity but mainly to stop watching porn. When I started NoFap I felt that I watched more pornography than I should have. I never had porn induced ED or got into anything fucked up. I just felt that porn was bad to watch and a waste of time.

NoFap has helped me a lot. Since I started, I began working out, started performing better at school, and got out of my comfort zone a lot. I don’t feel like I have become a different person. I think I have just become a much better version of myself.

I don’t ever want to watch porn again. It just distorts your view of sex and women in general. Thanks to this challenge and /r/seduction, I now have a much better perspective and understanding of women, relationships, and sex.

Now when I want to do something, I just do it. I rarely procrastinate. My time management has improved so much. I’m in the best physical shape of my life. Thanks to rejection therapy I am now extremely comfortable talking to strangers. My confidence has increased greatly. I am a much better person now than I was 90 days ago.

Now that I have reached this point in my life, I am unsure if I want to masturbate again. I think I can continue all of these good habits I have begun without masturbation interfering, but I am not sure. However, I know that I never want to watch porn again. No matter what I choose to do, I will never stop working on self improvement. I have wasted too much time in my past being afraid and missing out and I will never let that happen again. I will always be improving myself.

If it weren’t for this challenge, I would have never begun improving myself so much. Thank you so much NoFap. I recommend that anyone who is having trouble with self improvement start this challenge immediately.

Why do tomorrow what you can do today?

LINK – Made it to 90 days!

by 8bigfoot8