Age 18 – Greater Energy. More confidence. I feel less social anxiety and feel good about myself. Girls are staring at me everywhere


How did I find nofap? English is not perfect. Since 1.5 year I am interested in personal development and since 6 months really active in the pickup community. I know Nofap from YouTube PUA coaches. I started fapping at 10 years old, and I am 18 now. What is the reason for nofap?

Jerking off makes me tired and at a streetgame/nightgame session I was not really motivated to speak to a girl. I was not that addicted to porn, most of the time i masturbate to sexchats/or fantasy. But I want to have the Energy, Confidence, Discipline and Attraction.

In the 41 Days I had 3 or 4 wet dreams. 2 of theme happened when I listened to affirmations from a women’s voice. Don’t do that. The last one i had 3 days ago – my energy was gone and I felt a less confidence.


  • Energy= this is the dopamine boost and the sexual energy. I love it.
  • Confidence= When I speak with people I feel less social anxiety and feel good about myself, I don’t really give a fuck what people think of me. When I am alone i not always feel that confidence.
  • Attraction= Girls are staring at me everywhere. But if you have to game skills or approach anxiety, nofap will not fix this, you must take ownership. Take ownership for everything!
  • Testosterone= I am 18 and look like 16 but i feel like a man and I am a beast.Testosterone will also more attractive. I had some Aggression in me for 2 weeks( till i had the last wed dream) that something from my character, martial arts etc i like that! but nofap makes it grow. Tip: don’t mix nofap with alcohol-caffeine, l-tyrosine or maca or something.
  • Discipline= can’t say so much about this, of course more self control.

Basic things: work out, do meditation. Take L-tryptophan and L-Tyrosine. (I didn’t work out every week)

I must say. My confidence and everything growth not only from nofap but from every part- affirmations (speak by yourself & from YouTube in your sleep) are great.

Last tip: Stay away from ANY sexual content, NO EXUSES. Don’t be dumb and say just one photo or just one video etc..

LINK – Road & Benefits to day 41

by youngswomanizer