Age 18 – I’m comfortable in my own skin, I can now talk to anyone, I have greater empathy


I’ve joined NoFap somewhere in July 2016 to end watching porn. I wasn’t heavily addicted but I knew watching it was a problem (I started watching porn in middle school age 15). I would always watch it at night instead of during the day because I had more time and in which I lost some extra sleep hours because of it. I started to see men and women as tools instead of human beings and I was anti-social.

After I discovered this site I know I can fix this. My original goal was to stop watching porn but continue to masturbate which was a horrible idea. From August – December 2016 I was good I didn’t watch porn but still masturbated once a week. Then came January and I went back to my old habits and watched porn at night again. One day around that time(March 24th) I was watching a bunch of porn to “treat myself” because I finally got my driver’s license. I felt super guilty that I put down my iPad to take a long walk outside to evaluate myself.

Since then I have not touched a single porn video since then and my true goal to end porn and masturbation began. Here I am April 23rd; 7 days before my birthday I am going to let you guys know that the change is real. NoFap is one of the greatest things ever created. Here are some improvements I found in myself that could influence any of you guys.

1. Eye contact- I can talk to face to face without worrying

2. Comfortable in my own skin- I can be myself without caring what anyone has to say.

3. I developed clean hobbies- I have been getting into reading and exercising a lot. More than I done before. I recommend Terry Crews book Manhood which helped me throughout this journey so I can empathize with how he felt when he had his porn addiction.

4. Empathy- Never in my life have I felt so good to talk to men and women as brothers and sisters I can share feelings with them like never before.

5. Socializing – I can talk to anyone without feeling nervous I could not have done this with porn.

Honestly seeing how I could have never done this with porn and masturbation in my life motivates me not to do those actions. Now I do have one obstacle in my way that urges me to masturbate and watch porn and it is the absolute stupidest urge ever.

Making sure my dick size is in check – Yeah I know its stupid right. Watching porn all the time has made me consider if I am good enough because you know the dudes in the porn videos have fake dicks and they look big and it makes it seem girls want that. I am a size 7inch and I still wonder if I am good which I am still pushing to get that out of my way because many fapstronauts say it does not matter at all(which is true).

Listen to me. YOU CAN DO THIS! All you have to do is be confident in yourself and be determined to beat this. If you relapse it is okay, failure is a part of success. Failure is only temporary if you take it as a learning opportunity. Thank you for the read please comment if you have questions!

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by sfmark12